awesomerory's Toy Soldiers (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Lack of bears makes it average

This is the videogame sequel to the 1980 novel "The Indian in the cupboard" written by Lynne Reid Banks. Nostalgia bros between the age of 25-35 will like this because it reminds them of the good old days before lego when you would buy those dumb plastic green soldiers and make them fight in your bedroom by yourself. People who are tricked into thinking this is an RTS will be disappointed when they play it and find out its actually another tower defense game. Except in this version of tower defense you can control each unit, which there are only 6 of. Attacking units will march into your base, and you have to set up your defenses to stop them. You have an artillery unit, a machine gun unit, a poison gas unit. My one complaint is that this game doesn't have and any bear type units which has become pretty common in such popular RTS like Red alert 3. Bears were commonly used in world war I against the angry germans. I give this game  stars out of five because its just the average tower defense game except with a lot of explosions and controllable turrets. If it would have had bears in it I would have gave it 4 stars.

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Posted by yindotrunks

awesome review.

Posted by ChernobylCow

Nice try, I guess.

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