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Transformers Animated: The Game is a mainly 2D puzzle platformer for the Nintendo DS based off the Transformers: Animated cartoon show. The game features voice work done by the show's cast and is written by one of the show's creators Marty Isenberg. It is not considered to be canon to show's continuity.


The Autobots detect that Decepticons are using bounty hunter Lockdown to accumulate enough All Spark fragments to power a Space Bridge, allowing the Decepticon army to invade Cybertron. Optimus Prime leads a four bot team consisting of himself , Bumblebee, Prowl and Bulkhead as they race through 24 stages on Earth and Cybertron to gather the shards before Megatron does.


The game primarily consists of puzzle platformer levels where players control any one of three characters (Optimus, Bumbleebee and Bulkhead) at their whim. The characters have character specific melee and ranged attacks and skills that they use to combat enemies and solve puzzles. The player can use the stylus to aim the characters ranged attacks.

The team has three lives between them per stage and receives gameplay hints from Autobot medic Ratchet .

The game also has a few 3D driving levels. These are the only levels where characters actually transform which is necessary for them to attack NPCs. Bulkhead is replaced by Prowl in these levels.

The game is extremely linear with no secret levels or exploration of any kind.

Character Platforming Abilities

  • Optimus Prime - Optimus has grapplers he can use to reach higher levels and can throw his axe to hit buttons out of reach.
  • Bulkhead - has a wrecking ball which he can use to break down doors. He also is the only bot large enough to activate floor switches and push/pull objects.
  • Bumblee - Bumblebee is the only character who can jump and can also wall jump as well. He also has electro-stingers which can activate idle machinery.


TA: The game is considered to be a solid game that is true to the spirit of the show, but is not well loved for its' perceived ease, very short length and zero replay value. The characters inability to transform in most of the game was a sore point for many Transformers fans as well.


If the player closes or re-opens the DS during gameplay, the DS makes the Transformers' iconic transformation sound.

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