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Onlive Review: 2 Out of 3 Ain't Bad

I played this game on the Onlive system, which I presume is the PC version of the game. Technically there are no problems with the game's performance in relation to the Onlive service. Game loads incredibly fast, looks great and plays well. It is helped a lot by the PS3 version I think as controller support for the most part is very well done.  
The core mechanic in this game in my opinion is platforming. While there are some mild puzzle elements, they almost entirely focus around  getting from one platform to the next without dying. The developers did an admirably job at trying to incorporate possible puzzle solving techniques for any situation with any character. At best this only works some of the time and I instantly found myself gravitating towards the their character, as it seems most other people did as well. The knight simply was useless beyond combat and the wizard was useless in combat. I wish he would at least had a basic melee or push spell to get enemies off of me.  
PErhaps the best part of this game is the eye candy. For such a small and short game the overall worlds are incredibly well done and vivid. One particular level in a Village stuck with me as  something truly magical.  
Overall this is a decent puzzle platform with excellent graphics and a thin storyline. Fun, but not very deep. 


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