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Thrice as Nice 2

  Given the current marketplace, much of gaming has come down to yearly sequels and variations on a theme. There is not a lot of room for major deviance within that system, much of the time it simply isn’t commercially viable to stray too far from what is traditionally successful. Trine stands out as a well-designed game with a refreshing gameplay mechanic; one that isn’t just a clone of so many other games on the market. While it certainly isn’t the first of its kind – Blizzard did it years ago...

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Trine: Where Physics and Level Design Mesh Well 2

Right from the get-go, Trine is the sort of game that knows what it is and isn't. It is a (predominantly) downloadable game, with a modest scope and healthy, but not particularly lengthy run time. In that regard, it's not particularly different from its contemporaries on services like Steam and XBLA. What it is not, however, is a game that should be scoffed at in most any regard whatsoever. While Trine is a game with a very specific mission in mind, one devoted to delivering satisfying combat an...

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I am the king of the castle! 2

The "puzzle-platformer" genre has gained a lot of traction over the past few years, with the bar now sitting pretty high. While Trine has some interesting ideas and a certain level of creative charm to its design, it also lacks the level of polish that defines the genre's juggernauts. Trine can be a bit of an uneven experience as a result, and your enjoyment of it will probably be directly proportional to your overall affection for the genre itself. First and foremost, Trine's basic gamep...

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Trine harkens back to classic team-based gameplay magnificently 0

I recently had the chance to sit down and play through Trine with my friend Matt. We played on the PC, an Xbox 360 controller in my hand, and a keyboard at his. Let me tell you, it was a great experience. Trine is a game much like The Lost Vikings in that they give you three different characters to control. You can play single player, or you can have one or two more guys join in for co-op action. It's also a lot like LittleBigPlanet in terms of how the platforming feels, which I think is a good ...

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Full on potential, lacking on delivery. 3

According to Trine's physics engine, momentum doesn't exist. You can swing something back and forth until your hand is sore, but the second you let go, it drops immediately down and loses all speed. This is just one of the many moments in Trine where, considering it's a physics puzzle game, it completely breaks my immersion in it. The concept is full of potential, but I felt myself continuously disappointed playing it. It felt like a borderline beta product that was rushed for delivery.  First o...

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Charming and fresh, a tremendous machine 0

Developer Frozenbyte has forayed into two-dimensional territory with their new platformer, Trine.  For its high price point, this choice of style may initially be an eyebrow-raiser, but Trine’s deeply striking visuals and meticulous, breathing atmosphere are terrifically complimented by its fresh physics-based game play. Perhaps Trine shows that the 2-D model for a game isn’t obsolete after all; but for whatever that’s worth, Trine is an inventive take on a sword-and-sorcery premise that vortexe...

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Trine delivers a solid base, but fails to deliver much more. 0

It seems that the style of the cheap, downloadable puzzle/platformer is becoming more and more popular, and usually these games do a lot to reinforce the ideas that innovative gameplay and general polish make great games.  Trine seems to be in that vein, because it does offer interesting new gameplay mechanics, but suffers from a lack of really sound design on a few fronts, and its problems tend to drag down what could have been a really excellent title.  The basics for Trine are very well imagi...

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Damn Fine game. 2

I vaguely recall my fond memories of Lost Vikings on the SNES when i'm playing Trine.  I 1st saw this game as a featured video on Gametrailers and then heard the boys over at gamerswithjobs raving about it on their podcast.  After listening to that i decided i'd at least load up Steam and give the demo a try and was i impressed.  First, the graphics are great looking and for a pc game that looks as pretty as this i was amazed at how well it ran.   Not that i'm touting this as a PC game that will...

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Trine: A charm filled physics based game. 9

Trine is a 2D sidescroling game, based on physics and uses a system reminiscent of Lost Vikings, but with a dash of little big planet.Trine's story is one that is fairly simple, although it's not detrimental to the game, as the main focus is gameplay, the main game mechanic here is the game's name, "Trine", it's an artifact which binds people into one being with the ability to change into any of those that have been bound, the unfortunate ones who have fell into the mystical artifacts charm are ...

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A unique modern Platformer- 0

Trine is a 2D indie game from game developer FrozenByte and oozes prettyness from every part of this game, especially the levels...and the Character design....and the narrator...and the Aw hell the whole game is pretty!The Story in Trine has a wizard's, knight's and thief's souls become merged when they touch a mysterious object they later discover to be the Trine. This event causes them to be merged into one being and leads to some of the best modern platforming of this generation.The Character...

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Fun...for a while 0

Trine tells a simple tale set in a fantasy world fabulously created full of colour and surprising detail.Based on the positive reviews I expected quite a lot. Mostly the game kept me happy and entertained. I thought the puzzle elements were fun and switching between characters was a novel way of playing the game.The control, though, are less than stellar. I bought the game to play with my wife, who hardly ever plays games, and it was simply too difficult for her to jump to the different platform...

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Good Ol' Fashion Fun 0 almost Perfect. I say almost because, despite the creative and inspirational mix of gameplay styles between the Wizard, the Thief and the Knight, depsite the lush visuals, despite the puzzles that are built to work so you almost always more than 1 way to find a way around it...there's one thing i ended.   The great thing with Trine is, i almost immediately took a preference to the Thief (Fast, has a grappling hook, and is ranged...My Type <3 ), but i always found ince...

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Trine 0

 It seems like if there's one way to get people to love your downloadable game this generation, it's to make it a side scrolling puzzle platformer. Trine combines that style of gameplay with a cute if typical fantasy setting and a heavily physics-based engine to create a game that's pretty fun, although not without its frustrations. So to start things out, the game introduces you to its three characters, which fit so well into standard fantasy niches that that's how they're named. You get...

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A lesson on how modern 2D platformers should look and play like. 0

I don’t think anyone ever intended for 2D platforming to die, it was just a natural course of events. As 3D evolved and established it was pretty much the main focus of basically everyone, I’m glad the handhelds still saved us from complete absence.  With the increase success of indie games 2D platforming is stronger than ever, with a much simpler road to success and allowing developers to create better quality games than they would if they tried 3D with a tiny budget .Both worlds can co-exist j...

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Trine proves that you don't need to be original to be great. 0

First off I would like to thank steam for the awesome deals that they have. Which led to me picking up trine, a bright, beautiful and overall great action platformer. The plot of trine seems like it was ripped straight out of an old fairytale book.  It all starts when a knight a theif and a wizard all find a glowing shard. As soon as they touch it, they get sent off to an other world, a world infested with undead. You'll spend your time with trine ( All 13 levels of it) solving physics based puz...

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A Throwback Platformer with Modern Elements 0

This game has a lot going for it.  Right away, the game brings you into the story and explains the gameplay element of switching on the fly between a knight, wizard and thief.  Immediately upon starting the game, you'll notice that the visuals are very appealing, particularly for a downloaded game.  While the game is played as a 2D platformer, the backgrounds are displayed in gorgeous 3D.  The environments are colorful and show a variety of fantasy elements, including forests, castles and dungeo...

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Trine Review 0

Trine is a 2-D platformer in a 3-D world with a puzzle twist. In a kingdom there is a strange artifact that gets touched by three different individuals at about the same time. What happens next is sort of a mystery. The thief, the magic user, and the warrior all have their spirits fused together. You will be utilizing all of their skills as you try to get to the bottom of what is going on as well as trying to locate the artifacts of the guardians.Graphically this game is gorgeous. The attention ...

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A beautiful and inventive take on a classic genre. 0

Developer Frozenbyte has forayed into two-dimensional territory with their new platformer, Trine. For its high price point, this choice of style may initially be an eyebrow-raiser, but Trine’s deeply striking visuals and meticulous, breathing atmosphere are terrifically complimented by its fresh physics-based game play. Perhaps Trine shows that the 2-D model for a game isn’t obsolete after all; but for whatever that’s worth, Trine is an inventive take on a sword-and-sorcery premise that vortexes...

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Why isn't this on XBLA??? 0

 Yes, this game is worth buying. It features the best graphics I have seen on a side-scroller, glorious animation, actions, and puzzles galore. If you are a person that has operable fingers and enjoyed games such as Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Bionic Commando, Braid, and countless other side-scrollers then you sir and/or madam would love Trine. The game features gorgeous 3D graphics, three different character classes that you can switch through to tackle objectives and puzzles, and a ...

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Good, but wears out its welcome 0

Trine is one of the more interesting applications of physics in gaming to date. With some exceptions, realistic physics has been a mostly cosmetic feature of action-oriented games up until now. Games like Skyrim and Crisis have tons of realistically modeled objects and environments, but the game wouldn't be fundamentally changed without them. In a few cases, such as Half-Life 2, physics has also allowed you to use objects in the environment as weapons or solve puzzles. Trine is one of the few ga...

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Onlive Review: 2 Out of 3 Ain't Bad 0

I played this game on the Onlive system, which I presume is the PC version of the game. Technically there are no problems with the game's performance in relation to the Onlive service. Game loads incredibly fast, looks great and plays well. It is helped a lot by the PS3 version I think as controller support for the most part is very well done.   The core mechanic in this game in my opinion is platforming. While there are some mild puzzle elements, they almost entirely focus around  getting from ...

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An Innovative Platformer 0

Trine is one of those games that you just don’t see coming and never quite understand until you play. The game is a platformer, but it’s not the usual type of platformer in that it has a whole new layer of depth that it brings to the genre. While having that depth certainly makes Trine very interesting and fun for the most part, I still found it to be lacking in some areas. Trine tells the story of a Wizard, Knight and Thief. These three characters come into contact with the Trine, which is an a...

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A very unique and entertaining PSN download 0

 Although delayed a bit, Trine for PSN is beautiful, fun, clever and entirely worth the wait.   The Great:  Each of the three character types are fun to play as and are well realized.Beautiful and clever art and level design. Lots of secrets and power-ups to discover and collect.  Platinum trophy in a PSN download! Not bad! I love drop in Coop.  The Not So Great: Production value is a bit unbalanced.  Controls can be just a bit hairy sometimes, accidentally switching to wizard can mean real trou...

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Fantastic. 0

I've never been into 2D sidescrolling games, mostly because those kind of games are generally hard in a "you can't be good at this game" way.  But when I saw Trine i have to admit that I was curious...   So a wizard, a thief and a warrior all touch this stone and become one.   The wizard can create boxes, planks and floating platforms.  The Thief has a grappling hook and some neat physics based bow fighting  And the warrior...well he hits stuff.  This game is fun, the platforming is smart and ve...

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The Old, New. 0

For a game that once again treads the 2D platfomrer path (albeit with meticuluosly detailed 3D environments), Trine is able to feel surprisingly original by mixing a mastery of the established with the novelty of a couple of interesting new concepts. The titular astrological aspect unites the souls of three characters into one being, which at first seems like a somewhat forced excuse to be able to swap between them on the fly. You'll learn to forgive that early on, though, since you'll be swapp...

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Is This Steamy, Downloadable Threesome Worthy of Your Dollars? 0

  The twenty years I've spent playing video games have taught me three things about my gaming brethren: they all own computers, their use of the Internet is constantly changing, and they all enjoy a good ménage à trois.   The types of threesomes gamers enjoy can vary, however. Some prefer goddess on goddess on goddess action represented by the Triforce in Zelda; others enjoy the card game Triple Triad from Final Fantasy; and more aggressive individuals prefer Viking threesomes found in the co...

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Visual Brilliance meets slick gameplay, Trine is a feast ! 0

Trine is a perfect example of a game that turns out to be more than the sum of its parts. A puzzle-2D platformer in the vain of Lost Vikings may not sound like much, but Trine delivers an amazing gameplay experience on so many levels that its hard to describe what makes it so great but let's get down to it . . .The most striking feature are the visuals. The game is set in a generic fantasy world, yet is a mixture of 2D & 3D visuals, a rare treat for a PC gamer and something that most console...

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Jewel of the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle 0

I’ve been buying the Humble Indie Bundles on principle since I think pay-what-you-want is a great idea that I want to support, and I also want to support the EFF.  I picked up Trine with the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle, the only humble bundle so far to feature games all from the same developer.  I felt it was somewhat of a weak bundle since I wasn’t interested in Shadowgrounds or Shadowgrounds: Survivor, Jack Claw’s development had stopped, and Splot whi...

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Nice graphics, but just generic and imprecise gameplay 0

Trine is a physic based 2D platformer developed by Frozenbyte. In the game the player takes control of a mage, a thiefand a knight, all merged into a single character. The player can switch between the three character at any moment, so that the whole "merged into one character" becomes a bit meaningless, as it ends up feeling not much different then switching weapons in another game. The thief has a rope to swing around with and bow and arrow to shoot enemies at a distance, the knight has a shie...

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Sheer Brilliance 0

This game has the cleverest physics-based puzzles since Half Life 2 and the proceeding episodes. At first, I put the game down for more than a year because I thought the game lacked depth. Boy was I wrong. After playing past the second level, I discovered that you could level up your character, specialize in abilities, and equip different items. This game soon became everything I wished it to be. The levels are varied, extremely well designed, and most of all, just plain fun....

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