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Buggy System...

What can I say about Tron Evolution, I came into it will high hopes and expectations because at first it looked awesome! So I picked it up at my local game store and tried it out....long story short it didn't live up to my expectations.... 
Graphically the game is disappointing, dated visuals and bad character models really bring the game down. The one thing that really got to me about the game was how similar every single environment was, EVERY level in this game is blue will the exception of a few of the later levels that were you see what I'm getting to here. Bad environments, ugly character models, bad explosions, etc. The game is just visually bad, it loses one star here. 
The story in the game was very simple but it is understandable because of its job of setting up the story for the movie. You play as a system program tasked with defending the grid against Abraxas, a virus infesting the system. From here the game leads you through a variety of levels (that all look the same but I already mentioned that) trying to stop Abraxas and put an end to the virus with Quorra, an ISO also looking to stop Abraxas, by your side for most of the game.  Its a by the numbers story that doesn't really do anything wrong but also doesn't have anything new or different. 
The gameplay is a mixed bag, sometimes its fun and at others its just plain bad. Lets start with the good, the light disk combat is really the best part of the gameplay in Tron Evolution. Throwing around a light disk to erase enemies can be really fun. The player has four disks to choose from when playing, a stasis disk that slows enemies down, a heavy disk that does significantly greater damage, a corruption disk that does damage over time, and the regular standard disk. You can switch between disks during combat and certain enemies are weaker against certain disks. The platforming in the game is horrible, the game tries to put this parkour element into the platforming but it doesn't really work. Lets just leave it at that. The vehicle sections are also terrible with the tank portions being extremely boring and the lightcycle parts aren't as fun as you think either with really bad controls. The game only loses half a star in this section.  
The soundtrack to the game is probably one of the best parts of the entire game. It contains some of the songs from the movie itself by Daft Punk. Although the game itself doesn't have as much music as the movie it still has some pretty great tunes. The voice overs where done well, some of the voices where done by some of the actors in the film which i thought was a really nice touch.  
Finally the lasting appeal of the game, which is not great. The campaign is short, around six hours is needed to complete it. Then once thats over you've got some multiplayer with some game modes that are nothing to write home about. Basically here the game does not shine as the multiplayer is something you will not play for long. here the game loses another star.  
In the end Tron: Evolution gets a 2.5 out of 5 

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