inferno313's Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PlayStation 3) review

Naughty Dog Delivers One Of The Greatest Games Of The Generation.

Thrust into action from the opening moments, being forced to scale a fallen train hanging from the edge of a cliff, Uncharted 2 instantly creates a feeling of excitement and intensity in the player. 
Throughout the game the player travels from gorgeous local to gorgeous local looking for clues as to the location of the lost fleet of Marco Polo.  The game looks gorgeous, and honestly has some of the finest graphics this side of Crysis.
From the rich jungles of Borneo, to the war-torn streets of Nepal, to the icy mountains of the Hymalias. The game totally surpasses it's predessor in the variety of the locations. 
The gameplay is top-notch, despite some janky controls at times. Useing an excellent mix of Prince of Persia-esque platforming, and Gears of War-style shooting, the game really delivers the sense of being in an Indiana Jones adventure.  
The story-telling and Characters are the single greatest achivement in the game, though. While not breaking any new ground in the story, it's pretty much a copy of any kind of Indiana-Jones style adventure, the story is told incredibly well for a video game, using better mo-cap and animation than anything  Robert Zemeckis has pulled together.   
The characters are all incredibly likeable and charismatic,  with every character contributing to the story.
Do your self a favor and go buy Uncharted 2 now!


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