Wondering why

#1 Posted by fox01313 (5178 posts) -

Just about every review I've read of this on the 360 was bad enough that I took it off the gamefly list (put it on before the game went retail), am I the only one wondering why they decided to port a tanking game from one next gen system to another??

Maybe Bomberman Act Zero will be next . Between the Japanese developed games with the insane difficulties, RPG guides the size of the NYC phonebook & this makes me wonder sometimes if all the sushi/sake/Pokemon has fried off some common sense braincells. 

#2 Posted by Demyx (3240 posts) -

I saw a trailer.
And thought WTF.

maybe it won't suck?

#3 Posted by DarkEnzanArikado (205 posts) -

This game did pretty bad on the 360...and I heard it still sucks on the PS3...

#4 Posted by Lemegeton (812 posts) -

id say they ported it in the hope to get a few more sales on the PS3 and recoup some of their losses. its the type of game that non-hardcore gamers would pick up just cos its got vampires in it. ive lost count of the amount of times i have been in a game store and seen people pick up absolute turds just cos it had vampires, dinosaurs, zombies etc.

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