#1 Posted by Romination (2829 posts) -

Vanquish keeps crashing my Xbox. Which is extremely weird to me, since it seems polished and pretty free of bugs otherwise. Has anyone else had this kind of problem? I hope it's just the game and not my system.

#2 Edited by Icemael (6818 posts) -

I've had no problems with crashing, and I haven't heard anyone else complain about crashing problems, either. It's probably just your disc. Take it back to the store and see if you can get it replaced.

#3 Posted by GlenTennis (3270 posts) -

Nope. Played through all the way and not a single crash.

#4 Posted by hakunin (444 posts) -

I had once instance where where I suddenly fell through the world. I eventually just died and restarted. Haven't had any other bugs. PS3 version.

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