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Varel Morvayn is a male Dark Elf merchant who owns Morvayn's Peacemakers in Anvil, which doubles as his house (he lives upstairs). Varel Morvayn sells weapons and armor from his shop, which is available 8am-8pm. The unique Truncheon of Submission can be purchased here. Morvayn also offers repair services. In his shop, you may also come across his apprentice Enilroth. Varel is not involved in any quests

At A Glance

Gender: Male
Race: Dark Elf
Occupation: Merchant
Residence: Second Floor, Morvayn's Peacemakers, Anvil
Merchants Gold Available: 1,200
Unique Item: Truncheon of Submission
                                  Cost: 3,076 Gold
                                  Weight: 8
                                  Enchantments: Damage Fatigue 50pts & Restore Health 20pts
Related Characters: Enilroth is Varel Morvayn's apprentice.
Spouse: None
Quests: None

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