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General Sarrano was the captain of the prized warship, the Ulysses. He was in charge, along with Thriska Novak, of operation Anarchy. This operation not only helped clean up the hostile environments of Elysium and its surroundings, but it also trained Final Echo recruits. Operation Anarchy was labelled a complete failure due to the fact it didn't make a dent in the arising problem with the convicts (who were also slaves). The 'dropkit' , or DropShop is a remnant of Operation Anarchy.
The reason the Ulysses was in orbit of Stygia is because of the fact general Sarrano was tasked by the corporations that funded the creation of the resort city, Elysium, to detonate a D.N.A bomb. A bomb that would wipe out all life on the planet in one fell swoop, but leave the buildings in tact. This meant the corporations could rebuild and likely Sarrano named an even bigger hero. But it all goes wrong when Grayson Hunt, on board his 'Class D Spectre', attacks the Ulysses. Grayson 'wins' but the attack causes his best friend to become half dead  and creates a whole new problem; being stranded on Stygia.


"Some hippie-commie-socialist-queers thought they weren't being treated right..."
"Now listen to me, ya fungal-rimjob..."
"Drop your cocks and grab your socks, we're live!"
"Whoooooo-wee! Ya made it!"

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