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Good to see Extralife content! And Drew!

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Inverted Southpaw comin' at ya.

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Inverted Southpaw comin' at ya.

She is the chosen one.

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@cthomer5000 said:

Inverted Southpaw comin' at ya.

She is the chosen one.

Alex- sis the true star of Halo 2.


Halo 2

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Did they finish Halo 1, 2 and 3?

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@Xymox: no, just Halo 4

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Good part overall. Alexis' sister was a nice addition and she did a good job mentioning things in the chat. Kind of funny how she didn't know who Vinny or Brad were. Patrick was good about keeping people talking.

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Halo 2 goes down hill once you leave Earth with the exception of this first Arbiter level.

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I really enjoyed the extended screentime from Alexis and Drew. The bit about "constructive criticism" was actually really funny.

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It's weird hearing people answer your questions in real-time across the country, even weirder to have it archived.

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Hooray for Alex-sis!

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Huh, had no idea Drew worked at Backbone.

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Yeah Alexis, swearin' for the kids!

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If you watch a Serbian Film full well knowing whats in, let alone enjoy it? You're a low, low, low human being who deserves nothing less than to be sent into traffic.

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Incubus is great. You guys don't know what you're talking about.

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OK, I found the clip of James Cameron bitching about Halo to Television's own Patrick Klepek.

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It was fun to have someone indiscriminately reading the chat and all the nonsense it bellows out.

We need the interns back, or hire Alex-sis as an intern.

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whoo! More marathon.

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@GalacticPunt said:

OK, I found the clip of James Cameron bitching about Halo to Television's own Patrick Klepek.

Ya know, after watching this clip, it seems like Patrick kind of sensationalized James Cameron's dislike for Halo. It seemed more like he's slightly annoyed by younger people not understanding where Halo's inspiration came from but Patrick made it sound like Cameron has some kind of seething hatred for the franchise. Just saying.

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I find it equally funny and pathetic that James Cameron bitches about Halo being heavily inspired by Aliens, when Avatar was Pocahontas in space. Hey Mr. Cameron, did you know that Aliens was inspired by a book called The War of the Worlds by author H.G. Wells?

Getting back to Halo 2...the Elite Honor Guards are my favorite enemies in the entire series. Their armor is so cool and they are total badasses. Too bad the Covenant were stupid and gave the Honor Guard's armor to the Brutes near the end; they looked ridiculous in it.

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So far the Giant Bomb staff sisters are 2 for 2 in terms of being awesome.

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"Why are you so handsome, Drew? Who made you that way?"


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You can tell she likes Drew.

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Seeing a new person get introduced to all the small weird GB things at once was pretty funny, it was nice having Alex's sister there.

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You're GODDAMN RIGHT Vinny is universally loved!