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hooray, i <3 today

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Farmville! The best of the Villes.

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...I should really get some slee-...DAMNIT watching this now...

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What the fuck am I looking at 
Edit- I guess Kessler nor Ryan noticed the free 300 coins they got for being starters or whatever when trying to plan that last patch. I wonder if that only happens when you have no coins to do anything left. If so Kessler might get the leg up on Steve and get dat cash money. This intern endurance run series thing looks like it will be interesting. I'm hoping at the end one of them will crack and just keep playing Farmville.

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Damn, dat Coonce ass.

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Are you tired of having fun? then you should play FARMVILLE!!

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This is probably one of the best start to a monday I've ever had.

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Kessler? Poor Jeff..

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What about the coffee?!

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Top men

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I'm loving this already.

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Wow, this is the first time I've seen this game.

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You know what, this could be genius.

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The first five minutes are great. Then Steve starts playing FarmVille and, well, he is playing FarmVille.

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I like new ideas. I am excited for this.

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It's Vinny! On camera too. Woo!

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*Jeff pulls out the 10 dollars from his shoulder* lol

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How do we cover social games with out the backlash? I know the Irony MOBILE!!!

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Wow they really just played farmville.

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Dumb crazy stuff like this is why i love Giant Bomb!

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I'm 12 minutes in and that music is pissing me off already. THIS is the game so many are hooked on? I don't get it. :(

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Oh man I was thinking of this sounding like Randy Newman like 5 seconds before Ryan said the exact same thing, bizarre.

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Before I just hated Farmville on principle, now having watched these guys play it I can say that it really is awful.

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More Steve, less Kessler.

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Kind of feel bad that Ryan has to sit through this every day.

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the secret to farmville is spreadsheets. My wife made me play it last year and i simply sat down and in a few minutes i figured out what crops gave me the highest return per crop in relation to time growing and money spent. 
Once i had that spreadsheet done, i simply set my ENTIRE farm to just grow that one crop. I essentially ran a profitable plantation. I had it set so that  i only had to harvest at 7:30 every night. Within a few weeks i had enough money to buy EVERYTHING in the game. at that point i harvested one last time and never touched it again. So, interns: find a crop that takes roughly 24hrs to grow and gives you the most money back in relation to what you spent.  
Excel is your friend! 
EDIT: plow everything! Squash is a good starter crop., it will make you money fairly quickly. Also, screw everything else, just plow every inch of your land in a tight grid to get the maximum returns. Once you have some cash switch from squash to grapes. Once you master grapes switch to zinfandel. that is the ladder to success! squash to grape to zinfandel!

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Not what I had in mind when I wished for a new endurance run.

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Is that some ZOJIRUSHI® stealth marketing I see there? 
Well played, Caravella.

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Oh jeez. As funny as this idea is, I'm not sure if I can watch much more FarmVille playing. D:

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Well this makes me glad I never played farmville

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I really don't know.

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FarmVille interndurance...run...?



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Damn you Giantbomb! Making me watch fucking Farmvile!

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I... I just don't....

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Awesome, I managed to decode Kessler's handwriting the other day when Ryan posted it on twitter!

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Make them do quicklooks of annoying facebook games in general ;)

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Yuck. What an awful game. With no jeff on the commentary to make this bearable I think I will be skipping this videos series.

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Pressing 'play' having no idea what I'm about to watch.

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As someone who spent months playing this game, I found this hilarious!

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just saing ....when the farmville logo came up my computer go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

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Loved the CYE intro. I stopped watching after that.

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That song is gonna haunt me.

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Investing on interns and Farmville? Sounds like a great idea! This is the most I've ever seen of Farmville, ever. You can thank yourself for that, Giant Bomb.

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FUCKING TEAM BEN MOTHER FUCKERS (even if he is in NO way involved)

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I'm into it.

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Min/Max on the farm with grapes!