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I'd go with Katherine.

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Also, I can't wait for the inevitable Endurance Run of this game.
C'mon guys!

Posted by Baggykins

that was the most Dragonball thing ever "I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" followed by "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH-"

Posted by PositivelyGreg

Midnight Venus seems more my kind of lady. Knows the score and gives me trophies.

Posted by mathkor

@PositivelyGreg: dito

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@OmegaChosen said:

Wait a tick. I just realized something. Both of the voice actors for the two C/Katherines voiced the Lovers social links in Persona 3 and 4. Yukari and Rise.

Um...does this mean anything?

Nope, but it's a neat coincidence.
Posted by Brackynews

That waitress in Stray Sheep is one hot redhead (ketchup and mustard anyone?). But between the 'ines I normally choose mature woman over crazy beyatch. So looking forward to this game! But not entirely sure if I'll want to own it.

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@Brackynews: I just hope GB does an Endurance Run of this and then you wont have to worry. lol

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I say keep 'em both.

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@Zabant said:

Catherine = first time high school relationship, stupid immature fun you end up regretting

You'd regret that? Geeze, live a little

Posted by xxheartstation

catherine is way cuter! i'd choose her D:

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@BeachThunder said:
@pyromaster222 said:
gosh I want to go through the storyline without playing the actually gameplay...
This is exactly how I feel; I think I'll watch a playthrough :o
Hell yeah I loved Ghost Trick. PROPS.
Posted by ominousbedroom

I'm for unconventional hotness. Katherine may be more subtle, but that's what makes her sexier. Plus, she isn't totally vapid.
If all else fails, I resound with Chie or GLaDOS. Kicks and cakes.

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@Wuddel said:

No interest in this game, but:

Katherine - obviously. I d literally love to have a lady to get serious with and have a little munchkin.

munchkin! LOL

Posted by Xpgamer7

Catherine I guess.

Posted by Mikazukinoyaiba

Catherine, young, blond, and looks a lot more fun and kinkier. 
Chick with glasses is for the 'settle down and have a family' type and honestly who wants that?

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@dyong said:

                One is a crazy stalker and the other wants kids. Obviously NEITHER ONE

I believe there are two or three single paths you can take, if you desire to have neither.
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Catherine. That voice, so dam sexy...

Posted by minotaka

Definetly Katherine.

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Correct answer.
Posted by plk917

dude katherine, waaaaaay less slutty than catherine