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That was awesome! Seeing Ryan laugh so hard was great!

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Sooooooo happy. Such a joyful man.

All sad people in the world should learn from him.

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i had forgotten about this. ryan was so happy. i have to laugh when i see this, but i get choked up too.

Posted by skunkdragon

Fantastic guys thank you, i will miss you Ryan.

Posted by NorseDudeTR

One million percent pure enthusiasm with that dude. :D The uncomfortable yet super stoked vibe radiates STRONG off these guys. Couldn’t be happier for them. Godspeed. :)

Posted by Xaviersx

Yes, thanks for sharing. Missing Ryan. Much love to the Giantbomb crew.

Posted by liako21

man i will miss ryan. :(

Posted by Player1

Amazing moment.

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Thanks Ryan

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The only cure for sadness of the loss of Ryan Davis is to watch videos of Ryan Davis.

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Such a fantastic moment. Ryan, you'll live on in these videos, and I'm glad that we at least have these gems to remember you by.

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This makes me so glad and sad at the same time, you will be missed Ryan <3

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Amazing. Just wonderful. God dammit I miss that guy.

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Full, unbridled joy, ladies and gentleman.

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Why don't they use this song in stuff? Even when we are waiting for live shows to start. I could jam to this waiting for TNT.

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I haven't been on Giant Bomb in 2 weeks. I dont know just felt weird being on here. So today I decided to come back and went to the videos looking for a quick look to watch as I eat a late lunch and saw this. When I saw the thumbnail I was kinda sad, but I decided to watch it before I made my lunch and it was great. I'm going to really miss this funny guy. He always livened up my twitter feed, and always made my laugh and smile on bombcast, quick looks or anything that he did.

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Still one of my favorite things to come from this site.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Such an amazing, incredible moment when Ryan LITERALLY rolls on the floor laughing.


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I miss Ryan, I miss that basement with Whiskey Media....

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I hope to someday be this happy about something. #thanksryan

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The best summer jam of them all.

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I still miss the guy. :'(

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This is great. Thanks!

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Man it doesn't feel like it's been a year already, seeing Ryan crack up like this was awesome he always had a wicked laugh #thanksryan

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Still miss you, Ryan!

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Thanks for posting this guys, pretty great every time I watch it.

Posted by Swallagoon

What a great guy.

Dat camera work though, holy balls.

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This was a fantastic video with giddy Ryan.

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This belongs high up in the Best of Ryan charts for sure.

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I think this might be my favorite Ryan video. It shows his un-wavering glee and also his antagonistic brotherly relationship with Will Smith.

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Fuck, Ryan Davis. This was the best reaction.

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First and only Benz LENZ REPPIN'

Posted by Artso

I miss the Whiskey Media basement so much. The love hate relationship between Ryan and Will. I miss Ryan.

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I love this

Posted by Nerdmotron

This was so funny. I love it.

Posted by ArcadiaExeter

Falling down laughing Ryan is my FAVORITE RYAN!

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Ryan gone, Dave and Will not there anymore, vinny moved location...we're looking at a portal back in time

Posted by Lanechanger

"You're right, it is the taking care of business guys!"

haha, amazing

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I'm not sure if I'm crying because of laughter

Posted by FoolishChaos

Miss the old office days :(

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Will Smith and Ryan had an absolutely amazing dynamic. Laughing like a drain watching this clip!

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Though the guys have done their best keeping the site awesome, it just isn't the same without Ryan...

RIP bud you will always live on through this site and community.

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Lmao when Ryan jumps up and down like a giddy school boy! Miss that dude!!!

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Best wishes to his family and GB + close friends as well - this has to be a rough part of the year.

Posted by LordLOC

Man, hard to believe it's been a year since we lost Ryan. Re-watching some of the videos today as they are put on the main page, hard to watch some of them to be honest. But this one, pure smiles. We miss you Ryan, as all this continues to show how much you meant to all of us here in the community and the GB guys themselves.