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@SoothsayerGB: Nonsense, FFX has some of the best battle music in the series. And To Zanarkand is a wonderful piece of piano music.

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Ios please.

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It's all the music past 9 that ruins it.

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You know what? I fucking love Nobuo, and IM FUCKING PUMPED FOR THIS.

Judging from the trailer, they REALLY hit the good songs and not just the real popular ones.

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Coming out so soon! Definitely picking this up.

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Alright Squeenix, I forgive you for the dumb name. This actually looks cool. I don't really care about the gameplay at this point. That is some great Final Fantasy music, and that's all that matters to me.

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This game looks fantastic. And it has a great variety of music, too.

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The "SHING, SHING" noise every time you tap is suuuuuper annoying.

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I was actually impressed by that. I wouldn't mind giving this a go.

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Def buying this. Voting with my dollars even though it probably won't matter much. I'll probably buy two: one for playing and one for displaying.

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The part of me that loves fun wants this game.

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If I had a 3DS, I would buy this and weep with joy as I played it. And I apologize for this truth.

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Those eyes it looks like they all lost the will to live.

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@ScorpioNicus said:

It would be nice if someone decided to make a rhythm game where the notes actually have something to do with the song.

Also, the chimes of hitting and missing notes further ruins the song by being totally distracting and unnecessary.

Well, I'd think the argument would be you don't deserve to hear the song if you mess up. That would probably be a typical response from the Japanese developers anyways. Still an option to just play the songs without telling me how terrible I am would certainly be appreciated.

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Fucking goosebumps, man. Goose-fucking-bumps!

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If this is anywhere near as good as EBA I will give in and get a 3DS. It looks like the difficulty can ramp up too which is great, the satisfaction of perfecting the final levels of EBA on the harder difficulties was immense.

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That's weird as hell, but I think I kinda want it, especially since the FF8 ballroom dance is in there.

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I'm not even that big into rhythm games, but this gets me so jazzed. I have really got to get a 3DS. If Nintendo releases a new, improved version, I am so jumping in.

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I need this

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I am legit excited for this game, not gonna lie.

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This is neat. :)
The little guys walking across the bottom of the screen makes me think of a bus load of cosplayers doing the hike from a train station to an anime convention. 

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It would be nice if someone decided to make a rhythm game where the notes actually have something to do with the song.

Also, the chimes of hitting and missing notes further ruins the song by being totally distracting and unnecessary.

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I'd be all over this game if only it were also on Vita.

I've seen Final Fantasy music performed live in concert, so I think that I have the proper amount of obsession to enjoy a title like this. I love Final Fantasy music and rhythm games, so this is basically a no-brainer. I just don't see myself buying a 3DS for it.

EDIT: Though I will say it's very nice that they've apparently made a touch-screen game where all the gameplay and visuals are NOT covered up by your thumbs. Hmm...

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I like Final Fantasy music and I love Ouendan etc. If the tapping is as good as it was in those games then I'm on board.

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I love Nobuo Uematsu, but I don't really see anything in Theatrhythm.

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What a good idea for a game. I would play this.

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Why yes, I do like Uematsu. This actually doesn't look bad. Elite Beat Agents except Final Fantasy.

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Yeah I turned this video off half way through.......

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damn close

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Oh c'mon! Second and third all the time!!!

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It's the second time today. Buahahaha. 
I'm sorry.