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I was hoping this would get put up.

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Nice Suit Johnny!

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This'll be a fuckfest

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That's how I like it, Vinny.


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im half bolivian

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@daneian said:

This'll be a fuckfest

I'll bring the popcorn

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Sleepy Drake is my favorite Drake.

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Man Vignocchi is looking SHARP

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Does Jeff ask Johnny V. where Disney got the amazing idea to put toys on a portal of sorts to have the toy enter the game? Those Disney dudes...ALL ORIGINAL IDEAS. Someone is bound to copy this at some point and then they will totally have the right to laugh and point at those people because this idea was theirs first.

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This might be the greatest "interview" ever.

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Actually, Johnny V., the first thing I thought when I saw you was, "Damn, he's looking good in this."

You even got this pretty-boy face thing going on, which is aided a bit by the stylin' doo atop your dome.

Fly muthafucka'.

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This cross platform stuff is insane.

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I only take my double Johns RAW.

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Johnny V is seriously one of the realest, most brilliant people in the industry.

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Wasn't Johnny V the one that sent a certain NBA Ballers cover man a USB filled with Porn?

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The rawest.

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Johnny V is such a giant goober, in the most amazingly endearing way. I love how much "Tommy want wingy" his attitude is about his game. I hope it's successful for him.

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Johny V and Johny D together for ever with Jeffery G

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Yup. Lovin it raw Vinny. Do it again.

But seriously, loved the interview. Kinda wish Johnny V. can swing by the GB office more often. He's just too much fun.

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EDIT: Hope they are on one of the E3 2013 shows.

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yup, pretty great. gear or no, these guys know how to deliver

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This is my favorite video in a long, long time.

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I love this site

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The community demanded professionalism and now we have it

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Amazing. That's all I can say about that.

Also, I'm totally with Drake on that Muppets Take Manhattan idea.

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Omg, that really is the best "interview" ever

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That poor poor PR person

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Johnny V's the man

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I only take my Johnny V with a side of Jeff and a cup of raw.

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I love each and every one of you

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I love each and every one of you

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Aww man. I was kinda hoping we would get some insider info about how the whole Disney/Square collaboration works.

Also doesn't this mean Sora could actually appear in Infinity?

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Big shocker, this ruled.

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This interview is every reason why I give these guys my money.

Video games!

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I can see Drake hosting/presenting at one of the major E3 press conferences one day.

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Raw as FUCK

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Johnny V to join the daily DOTA, film at eleven.

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Dat Adam Boyes impression. Holy shit.

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Videos like this is why I love GB.

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J,J and Jeff should be a regular feature.

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Such great chemistry. I always love these types of interviews.

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Such great chemistry. I always love these types of interviews.

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@bowlcut: and the best thing to come out of e3 so far. more of this please jeff.

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Such great chemistry. I always love these types of interviews.