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I already have this quest.


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420 in this bitch

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This is...


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I want it.

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That was rough. Very much looking forward to this, even though it'll probably make me sad.

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The feels were too strong when this showed during Ubi :(

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This was supposed to be a happy event!!

Posted by Fiyenyaa

Well, I just bought this game on the strength of that trailer. Maybe I'm easily manipulated, and maybe I'm a huge WW1 nerd, but I can't wait for this now.
The fact that it even shows certain elements of the war (Indian soldiers on the Western Front, women doing dangerous war work) is a huge plus as well.

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This game makes me cry.

Posted by BooDoug187

Did they cut out the Brit pilot? The first trailer showed 5 people, one being a Brit who lied about knowing how to fly.


Oh man, what a tearjerker.

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This trailer is so rough. I've been watching it over and over again...