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*sniff* I want to thank the Academy, my family for always supporting me, my girlfriend, and the Endurance Run for giving me a consistent chance at getting this achievement!

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It's here!

Posted by VIGGO123


Posted by volkarin

Woo more endurance run.

Posted by TelemachusD


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I've always wanted to do this- NOTHING STOPS THE ENDURANCE RUN.

Posted by FunkyS

Er time!

Posted by GTCknight

What up son?

Posted by streetninja

I love Bobo.

Posted by Manekineko

Endurance Run go!

Posted by VIGGO123

@Roy42 said:



Posted by ToyDoll

this time, no backseat rpg'ing. i promise

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Shit, you guys are fast! Anyway, bring on another!

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

If an Endurance Run falls in a forest, can anything stop it?

Posted by Daveyo520

@Roy42 said:



Posted by TheChaos

Is it weird that I started playing Chrono Trigger when they were at part 10 and I am now miles ahead of them?

Posted by President_Evil

Man, I copied and pasted my post and couldn't get first, lol. Congrats @Roy42.

Giant Bomb has fostered a weird, weird little culture; in the best possible way. Now to watch the ER!

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Someone add up all the damage they dealt before giving up and retrying, how close were they to beating that boss? XD

edit: What did we just get from the "Hero"....scrolls past "Hero Medal" ...must've been a quest item or something. XD ...Hero, with a capital H.

Posted by jayjonesjunior


Posted by MooseyMcMan

Oops, I was playing Empire Earth, and forgot this was being put up!


Posted by Dogma

Seriously guys? Why didn't you get that Ice Sword Dual tech? is that really a question? Haven't they figured out that ice is an Barle thing? Second fight went much smoother though. Keep on trucking!

Posted by Carlidus

They should go get Bucca's Fire spell.

Posted by a5ehren

@TheChaos: They only play like 45 minutes a day, so no. They have other stuff to do and can't marathon it for like 8 hours.

Posted by Make_Me_Mad

I love that Patrick is already starting to get a little annoyed at poor gameplay decisions on the part of Ryan, and trying to push him to do certain things. He has no idea what he's in for with an Endurance Run.

Posted by TheMartino


This is sometimes painful. But only because I've watched this a million times.

Know what works great against Masamune? FIRE SWORD. Oh wait you didn't get magic for Bucca.

Posted by ll_Exile_ll
@Make_Me_Mad said:

I love that Patrick is already starting to get a little annoyed at poor gameplay decisions on the part of Ryan, and trying to push him to do certain things. He has no idea what he's in for with an Endurance Run.

Yeah, but he is just as guilty as Ryan is in the poor decision part.
Ryan: "We haven't been in that forest yet"
Patrick: "We have no reason to go in there"
They got lucky by running into Toma, but I've figured most people know that in JRPGs, if there is a place you can go but haven't yet, go there.
Posted by Aelric

The Forest.

Go in the forest.

Yes you do have a reason to go to the forest.


Posted by Shane

Serves them right for choosing active instead of wait

Posted by DrWhat

this is so bad

Posted by RVonE

Barle, Brono, Bobo. Best party.

Posted by Petiew

Actually skipped through most of that boss fight, don't think I can watch this anymore.

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Not choosing the "Wait" option might have been a mistake with Ryan playing. He spends too much time thinking.

Edit: Yeah, Ryan's choices were extra painful to watch during this boss fight.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

XR-RX - those are SNES buttons, aren't they?

Posted by murisan

@TheChaos: No, they play in 20-40 minute chunks a day. It will take a year to beat at this rate. But it's not about how fast they play it, really.

Posted by RazielCuts

@ToyDoll said:

this time, no backseat rpg'ing. i promise

I promise nothing!

I really do feel like if they paid attention to the dialogue more they'd know what they were doing. e.g. getting Lucca her magic, going to the forest to find Frog. I guess with them talking to each other and making a video they miss it, this is usually something you'd be playing alone.

Posted by Humanity

@TheChaos: not really since they release basically 30 min increments a day. I don't think many people play just 30 min per day.

Posted by KemoSabe

The materials shading looks pretty cool. In some shots they looked liked toys.

Posted by Antihippy

@Aelric: Well, they are going to the forest, just next episode?

Posted by Ronald

Oh yeah, Ryan definitely is taking way too long making choices to play on active. The first fight he kept having people go down merely from taking too long deciding how to heal them. And then he makes the mistake of reviving Bobo before healing Brono. But what frustrated me was when Ryan just gave up on the first fight and didn't even attack. Why not try, because you never know, the boss might have been ready to die by that point.

Posted by Sorla10

give bucca some magic ffs

Posted by TobbRobb

I wonder why we didn't get Ice Sword when we didn't have an Ice Character?


Posted by rcath

What about that cave in the east? Did they go there yet?

Posted by Addfwyn

As much as I enjoy these videos, there are frustrations. I really hope they get all their character's magic, it just takes one person being like 'hey, why isn't Lucca learning any new spells' to realize.

Also, nearly every boss fight so far, they just seem totally oblivious, I'm actually surprised they've made it so far. They never realized Heckran's water wave is a counter-attack after he taunts you, or that the guy in the village who said slash dissipates wind energy means it. I feel it's because they seem to focus on the command window at the bottom and never look at the combat text for the fight at the top.

Those messages are really important for boss fights, if they ever happen to look at this.

Posted by AlmostSwedish

@Ronald: Yeah, they need to switch to WAIT-mode until they learn the ropes (which at this pace will probably take the entire game)

Also, I nearly punched my monitor when Patrick said "We don't have any reason to go to the forest yet. This game seem fairly directed" at the exact moment that they don't have any f-ing direction on where to go!

Posted by andy787

Still really enjoying the ER, but argh, watching Ryan's decision making during fights is just like watching Brad play Deadly Premonition :(

Posted by samface6

I love that everyone's grown accustomed to referring to the characters as "Bucca" and "Brono" etc.

I've been playing along with them and I'm at the very end now, so going back and watching these scenes is like ughh...

Still good though!

Posted by CDUB901

Seems like all you Chrono Trigger elitists need to stop watching this....your egos seem to be getting in the way of enjoying these videos and all you do is post pointless comments on here telling them what to do when you should know by now that they don't read these comments because they don't want help or spoilers

Still...this isn't nearly as bad as the Persona 4 comments...i remember so many people saying that Jeff and Vinny weren't going to beat the game and how horrible of decisions they made...but hey, guess what? They made it through the game just fine and i'm sure Ryan and Patrick will do the same with Cho.....ahem...Brono Trigger

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

I get why they did these videos way before posting to ensure this doesn't all fall apart with the save situation. But maaaaaaan, not being able to give them mad important advice is killing me.

Posted by fini_fly

Man it's tough to watch this at some points. The incredibly slow selection of Tech/Items, the lack of Bucca magic.

Maybe they'll read the comments and go get Bucca some magic. Bucca's love them some magic.

Posted by Zalasta

I find it interesting that for someone that's familiar with shooters and action games (basically real-time twitch stuff), Ryan would freeze up at simple menu management. All turn based RPG is choosing the right option at the right time, with a little forward planning.

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