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Posted by onarum

 you know, at first I though this was a horrible game, but now, seeing the driving and everything, I'd say that for 20 bucks this is a nice game, it has it's charm, unfortunately I don't have a 360, but if I did I would most definitely consider getting this.

Posted by coldblood

Fuck up that box.  Haha!

Posted by TadThuggish

How do teams BR and VJ know how to save/end at the exact same spots? XD

Posted by onarum
@Lucien_Lachance said:
" I think Team BR are starting to hit their stride. Before they were just rushing through the game, but now we're starting to see some real differentiation that justifies there being two Endurance Runs. I would really like to see some ERs of Heavy Rain or Mass Effect in this split team format. I suppose it wouldn't be so much of a test of endurance, since those games are already played and generally well liked among the GB staff, but I just wanna see the different choices they make (and the riffs). "
oh yeah, a dual ER of heavy rain would be great, don't think they will do that in a near future though, since the game is still relatively new, but I can totally see them doing this eventually, maybe 1 year from now.
Posted by armaan8014

You know what? This game doesn't look that bad! :D

Posted by Spiritof
@MrGtD said:
" @SpiritOf said:
" Looking a little closer at this game, and knowing that it's on its way to me right now, I am totally going to "S" Rank this bitch!  Looks like some super easy achievement points in this one. "
The Difficulty ones don't stack, so you have to play this 20-hour game 3 times. "
S H I T !
Posted by MrGtD
@armaan8014 said:
" You know what? This game doesn't look that bad! :D "
It doesn't look that bad in the videos.  Play it.  It's baaaad.
Posted by CharAznable

This weird music is slowly driving me insane.

Posted by Gnome

damn both pairs cut off the car conversation short

Posted by fossas

B&R FTW!!!!!

Posted by golguin

They missed the Killer Tomatoes talk. No more map during dialogue.

Posted by armaan8014
@MrGtD said:
" @armaan8014 said:
" You know what? This game doesn't look that bad! :D "
It doesn't look that bad in the videos.  Play it.  It's baaaad. "
I think I'll stick with just watching it :)
Posted by Nintaiyo
@TadThuggish said:
" How do teams BR and VJ know how to save/end at the exact same spots? XD "
Probably Drew, since he's always capturing the footage, keeping track of the time.
Posted by Liminality

Ver very good episode!

Posted by denj3325

"Tell me it's the key. Please sweet Jesus, Lord in heaven above, let it be the key" - Ryan 
I laughed out loud at this comment. i wasn't really feeling this version of the endurance run, but this episode made me a fan.

Posted by RedSox8933

You guys are way harsher than Vinny and Jeff.

Posted by Ulong
@the_korben: Thanks for answering my questions.
 Schedules +sidequests with townsfolk sells the game. Was allready interested from wierd twin peaks like plot.
Posted by Ariketh

Ryan seems to know what he is doing.

Posted by myghart

Watching brad do things he absolutely does *not* want to do is kind of amusing, even if it's just schadenfreude.

Posted by BadNews

That whistle song is WORTH EVERY PENNY I will never spend on this game.

Posted by XxXGenesisXxX

lol i love these
Posted by warmonked

You know Ryan, if you weren't so impatient, Brad would've found the correct key earlier and you guys wouldn't have had to backtrack.

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mwahaha. I love how all the haters are starting to come around to this game's insane, inexplicable charm. You can't resist!

Posted by Domdog

30 minutes of exciting key hunting! What a terrible thing to put in a game.

Posted by Addfwyn
Still pretty much hate it, though it's still amusing to watch other people hating it.  Though I notice that somebody edited the Deadly Premonition blurb to make it sound more positive.   
I seriously can't imagine playing through this entire game though, I really hope they pick another good game for their next ER.  Maybe another RPG.
Posted by Fearbeard

I hope they let more of the car conversations play.  Those are classic.

Posted by Colonel_Fury

This game looks so awful. But I can't stop watching.

Posted by buzz_killington

The driving controls are SO WEIRD.
Posted by LordAndrew
@Addfwyn said:
" Though I notice that somebody edited the Deadly Premonition blurb to make it sound more positive. "
It's not more positive, but it is more neutral. Nothing wrong with that.
Posted by Jrinswand

I'm really glad to see that Brad has eased off on the complaining. I think this ER is finally starting to come into its own.

Posted by Moth_Pope

York saying he wants to drive as he doesn't know his way around town, then Brad not being able to drive out the carpark they started in was amazing. Aside from Ryan rushing things a bit, this is a great watch. Ryan's commentary with Brad's playstyle is comedy gold.

Posted by Ghostiet

Holy shit, this ER experiment got so much more interesting with this episode. Some comedy gold out there from Ryan (prayers) and Brad ("look at my expert handling of this dude").

I retract my previous statements - Brad and Ryan are totally legit in an Endurance Run.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles
@Colonel_Fury said:
" This game looks so awful. But I can't stop watching. "
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I'm not reading all the comments to see if Ryan's "why yards I wonder" question was answered before so sorry if this is repeating.  It's yards for the same reason the slide-out-file-cabinet-thingy has the dates listed from top to bottom right-to-left instead of left-to-right. That is, in the game's country of origin they read right-to-left and measure in meters (fairly close to yards, so the translators ran with it).

Posted by Artifax

I'm very particular about my biscuits!

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You just want to yell out, "The key is in the damn prison that you passed because you were in such an all-fired fucking hurry to turn in the keys!!!! Go back! Go back, dammit!"
But oh well..haha..funny to watch.
"Fuck up that box.."  LOL.

Posted by ShooterJoseph

"This is how humans smile!" hahahah XD

Posted by Roomrunner

Crazy how I thought of that Sifl & Olly reference at the same moment Brad had.

Posted by RobbieRageX

forgot the Coffee(Milk)

Posted by RedSox8933

I keep on wanting to watch you guys' ER, but you are just looking for ways to shit on the game. "That's not the way normal people say it" "We have to watch him slowly open this door first."

Posted by RoboRobb
@RedSox8933: because guess what, this game is total garbage
Posted by wilsham

I dont think I would have ever played this game, but it is just perfect for this sort of video feature! Just like Persona 4, its a unique game with odd stuff going on and crazy dialogue, making it ripe for the GB crew to comment on. looking forward to following both teams to the end.

Posted by UnoGenius

Crazy to see this game played from two different perspectives and all the things they each miss.

Posted by Claude

Hey darlin', let's endure.

Posted by Pop

damn it I wanted to hear the dialogue in the car, but they looked at the map and it stoped wonder what he had to say to emily.

Posted by AzureDemon

Im so scarred by the smiles in this game... I rather hang out with the monsters than see these guys smile

Posted by Urmean

I just realized there's a red tree in front of the Police Office.

Posted by jikoku13

okay if that run Thomas does isn't the most retarded run ever then i don't know what is.

Posted by Happyraisins

I love how the jail cell doors open both ways, watch as you see him pull it open to get in then pull it open to get out. Cheers to revolving cell doors!