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Oh, I'm ready.

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Fuck this.  It was actually milliseconds difference.
That quest is retarded.

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I'm ashamed of myself (i.e. I lost).

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Oh yeah!

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Hell yeah!

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Lets do this. 

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Come on, stupid video. Work already! My pot is getting cold!

Posted by OroJackson

Deck! Deck! DECK!

Posted by Shane

won't load yet?

Posted by Droop

Deck indeed.

Posted by ToxicFruit

its not here yet, at least hit play before you comment

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Guess I'll have to come back tomorrow when the real video is uploaded, then... :/

Posted by FLStyle

 Yeah, I thought something was off when the QOTW appeared as the ER episodes, complete with "Deck" as an episode description :S

Posted by Tampera

Deck what the hell? Lol.

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@the_korben: i found that funny yet relatable 
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Crap cheese! Video is not working! I need my ER fix!

Posted by emkeighcameron

What the hell is going on??

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EGG! Uhh, I mean... deck?

Posted by Indigo
I guess it will take days or maybe months before the slower of us get a fighting chance at this.
Posted by Marz

DECK! it's over.

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Zach! ZACH!!?

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I'm DECKard. Blade Runner. Two sixty-three fifty-four. I'm filed and monitored.

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Aww yeah

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The videos are broken, this is madness!

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What's upper, Decker?
Posted by mikeeegeee
@the_korben said:
" Come on, stupid video. Work already! My pot is getting cold! "
A winner is you!
Posted by JJWeatherman

I guess this episode's... ON DECK! Eh?! Ehhh?!
Yeah I know, stupid.

Posted by CouncilSpectre

(Points at self) 
Can I fix this? 
(Points at self)  
Is in my internet connection? 
(Points at self)  
Should I just click refresh? 
(Points at self)  
Posted by Tebbit
@JJWeatherman said:
" I guess this episode's... ON DECK! Eh?! Ehhh?!  Yeah I know, stupid. "
KERPOW! And my brain explodes! 
Decker, it's over.
Posted by clush

Deck this S, lunch first, then!

Posted by Mayu_Zane

looks like something went seriously wrong.

Posted by Invinctus

Stream not found error
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 You're all wrong you know. Turns out the the THIS IS MADNESS quest will be awarded to the 1st GB user  to dress themselves up as a Horstachio and freight themselves to Brad at the Whiskey Media offices.....  
Deck yo'self before you wreck yo'self!!!

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All those lower case f's in a row look strangely cool. 

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Aw :-<

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Deck is the new Duder!?? Hell no!