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aww yeah son!

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Bring on the demon dogs
LOL dry water...

Posted by armaan8014
@S0ndor said:
" Bring on the demon dogs "
Posted by wonderhare

Let's do this!!

Posted by uNeekS

Time to start the week!

Posted by Nasos100

oh yea

Posted by ch3burashka

I always profile with a rod... :)

Posted by RampageAssassin

This is why I love Fridays ...... damn I meant Mondays

Posted by fox01313

New rule, if you see a bunch of zombies or people with shotguns, do not run up close to them to start shooting them.  

Posted by skywing

Brad: It's like a party in my lap.

Posted by lord_schmauch_delete

"end of the week" HAHAHAHA

Posted by Zeemod

You're not fishing for present you're fishing grey box looking thing.

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push A dipshit

Posted by Robopengy

Never checked in? Isn't that what saving is?

Posted by Ronald

York checks in all the time with the bureau. It's how you save.

Posted by Ghostiet

I love how George acted almost fist-bumpingly to the perspective of going to Velvet Falls. "Oh man, I got that crazy hat, I gotta show it off"

Posted by charlie_victor_bravo

It is like Brad is trying to make these as boring as possible. VJ only from now on for me.

Posted by NubMonk

I dunno about you guys but i always do my profiling with a rod.

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i want to see what the emily face does!

Posted by Nemoperson
@charlie_victor_bravo:  No shit. It seems if they have to redo anything Brad moans about it and wants to give up right away. Rather irritating to say the least. 
Posted by RobotHamster

You guys don't have to kill every enemy in the room, you could have gone straight to the red sparkly things and avoiding using your large health kit. Just saying.

Posted by MeatSim

Seems like team VJ got really lucky with the fishing.

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The evidence is biting.
Ryan's date confusion pretty funny too lol

Posted by kollay

"Look at him. He is CLEARLY insane."
Ah... That made this episode for me.

Posted by Freddie_Bert

Maaan, you guys are only half way through the game, finishing it by the end of the week would be amazing.

Posted by Sogeman

Didn't VJ get it on first try. lol I thought it was supposed to be whatever you fish out. Seems like it's not ^^

Posted by Zeninnnnnnnn

Brads freak out was hilarious. Hahaha.

Posted by cap123

love brad's storage zombie reaction

Posted by 88Fingers

Ugh @ Brad, you're not supposed to hit any buttons until the roulette comes up.
frustrating to watch, but still pretty funny.

Posted by SuperJoe

If Brad was only able to catch fish for the rest of the endurance run....man, that would be great.

Posted by Arrested_Developer

Ryan's wrong on his York not in the FBI theory.  At the part where you go to interview the twins for the first time George and Emily talk about someone from the FBI calling ahead to make sure they didn't question them until York got there.

Posted by dudeglove

I just want to listen to Brad freak out every ER.

Posted by buhssuht

sound of Brad's freak out is essential nowadays 

Posted by TehJedicake

I didn't know they prerecorded these =\

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I don't care what you hatas say. I love both the ER equally.

Posted by Toxin066

It's like a party in my lap!
Ryan's whole "end of the week" thing killed the magic for me :(

Posted by Earthborn

 "It's like a party in my lap!"
O rly?

Posted by munnyman5

@Ryan: every time you save at a phone, you're calling back to the FBI to update them on the situation.

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I just noticed the zombies are not wearing any shoes.

Posted by Capum15

While Special Agent Francis York Morgan probably is insane, he checks in every time you save.
Pretty good episode. Still wonder what a freaked-out Emily is when you catch one.

Posted by Milkman

Catch an Emily!

Posted by Nemoperson
@Capum15:  I believe Ryan is thinking that their is nobody on the other end of the phone.
Posted by Sarumarine

Wow. Jeff and Vinny's run made the fishing for evidence part look like it was supposed to give you the missing files on the first try.

Posted by ch3burashka

Way to break the fourth wall even more than usual, guys.

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"You know Agent York; He's very single-minded". 
Certainly York is insane, but that is precisely why he is best suited to catch the Raincoat Killer. I won't be too surprised if he was just pretending to be from the FBI. Evidently VJ were very lucky to catch the evidence on their first go.
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