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Posted by Wacomole

It must be a real pain living in Harry's mansion.
Whereas most people stumbling home drunk at 3am in the morning just have to worry about fumbling around with their keys, you'd have to faff about with pianos, umbrellas, statues and zombies before you got to put your feet up.

Posted by DjRich
Haaaa, Yeah
Posted by IronRinn

I'm going to assume by the spoiler tags in the comments that some people noticed a pretty significant hint in this episode. The game almost goes out of its way to tell the player who the killer is. The story is really concerned with York and his journey. The murders are just a means to an end.

Posted by b33

that's the wrong way to puke a zombie

Posted by TadThuggish

Jesus Christ how the fuck do you die during a FOLLOW SEQUENCE
Brad needs a new profession.  I know the bomb squad jokes about us saying that, but it's true.

Posted by Baggykins

there was something on a box during a flashback... wonder if it might be important.... what do you think Zach?

Posted by Sarumarine

In Deadly Premonition, YOU eat the Zombies!

Posted by Devil240Z

He said 'dr. pepper ad' exactly as I was taking a sip of my dr. pepper.

Posted by Benjamimmy

Dude what the hell?! That zombie or what ever they are....it...it...it went inside him!! O_o

Posted by s10129107

I Think the zombie land represents York's lack of control/sanity from what i've seen of them actually killing him.  If he loses it takes him over

Posted by Jeremy_x

@Brad and Ryan: It is called a Vertigo shot (named after Hitchcock's movie, indeed), film students FTW!
Posted by rjayb89

Dude, that fat guy is totally Kaysen.

Posted by McQuinn

Man, anna is butt ugly

Posted by NubMonk
@Guppy507 said:
" @Sadisticham said:
" @NubMonk: Then make your own endurance run and play it "properly" and see how many people bother watching. "
Agreed.  Make sure you capture every embarrassing mistake and keep the commentary interesting the whole time.  :) "
Why would i do that? It won't change how good or bad Brad is. Hop of Brads dick.
Posted by OllyOxenFree


Posted by Boom_goes_the_dynamite

Aww I was kinda hoping since they saw what Emily's license plate said they would notice George's.

Posted by NZV
@MoleyUK said:
" It must be a real pain living in Harry's mansion.  Whereas most people stumbling home drunk at 3am in the morning just have to worry about fumbling around with their keys, you'd have to faff about with pianos, umbrellas, statues and zombies before you got to put your feet up. "
Well, that's what you get when you outsource your mansion's construction to Umbrella. It may be cheaper, but you have to deal with all sorts of inconvenient nonsense. At least they populate it with zombies free of charge.
Posted by Homeslice

Just after 24:20, Brad's yawn... "Don't be so sure..."

Posted by Beforet

I was kind of getting aggravated when Brad started running back to his car. Oh well, great episode none the less.

Posted by hagridore

Wow, there are some real assholes in here. All Brad did is die playing a damn video game and you want to skin him alive.

Posted by ArchV1le

In case this hasn't been said enough, I think all the people complaining about how Brad plays should probably either 1. Stop bitching or 2. Stop watching. 

Posted by Chocobo_Blitzer

Man they barely reacted to the Mr. Stewart story, not really what I was expecting. Especially because Brad was stoked before about Mr. Stewart spilling the beans, now he didn't seem to care at all.

Posted by TaylorPollock

Once again Brad kicks it, he is awesome. And I know it is impossible to tell when someone is being genuine or sarcastic online so I will repeat this as an Elcor would for clarity's sake.
(Sincere praise) "Once again Brad kicks it, he is awesome."
I really mean this, what would have been a ho-hum -same-as-everybody-else's-experience foot chase after Frankenstein, I mean Anagram, was kick-butt due to seeing different death animations and a zombie consumption view.
Fact is, with the very low number of PC deaths throughout all these installments, pretty impressive with those controls, I have hardly seen any York deaths at all.
I think all these guys are tremendous, each one of the GB guys add something unique and the absence of any of them is a notable loss.
Keep on Bombing you crazy Giant.

Posted by Milkman
@TadThuggish said:
" Jesus Christ how the fuck do you die during a FOLLOW SEQUENCE  Brad needs a new profession.  I know the bomb squad jokes about us saying that, but it's true. "
Get over it.
Posted by Delta_Ass

Brad's pretty awesome at playing Deadly Premonition.

Posted by random_guy23

LOOK AT 12:11 IT IS KAYSEN'S PLANT! and a large fat man? Mysterious...

Posted by Irish87

At least we know that death-by-zombie in DP looks flippin' awesome. 

Posted by EndlessMike

Leave it to people in California to not understand an apartment building.

Posted by EndlessMike
@xobballox: I think his point of saying that was I just told you a bunch of true things but you didn't hear any of it from me. I'm just an old man rambling etc.
Edited by Legend
Posted by Expletive

Rya's been saying "Quick like a bunny" a whole lot recently. 
I guess it's his new thing. I like it,

Edited by Mezmero

 Well I've been rejecting the popular theory that George is the killer but now I think It must be the truth.  He was the one waiting outside Thomas's apartment and said that he saw him from outside.  But the profiling revealed that the "new raincoat killer" entered the apartment and conversed with drag Thomas.  So when it is apparent that Thomas was not in the apartment that means George was lying, and since he was the only one on the scene before York and Emily, he IS the raincoat killer.  As a side note I've never played the game but have followed the endurance run religiously.  Good episode today guys.  Sorry to spoil the game with my theorizing but it had to happen sometime.
EDIT: That techno rain theme music reminds me of the Mass Effect 2 club music.

Posted by jkz

Wait, isn't the song that's playing in the Car one of the songs on the radio in the captain's quarters in ME2?

Posted by bybeach

I get the east coast broadcast of CNN 
whoa! Iv'e seen NYC news, it's a trip... 
Posted by Olivaw


Edited by clovy

O man Bradly u suck at games haha. But its so funny seeing u fail.
But this ER has made me wonder. Seeing Brad play it and the stuff he says about it I would really hate Deadly Premonition and think its a really bad game. But seeing Vinny play it I feel like picking up a copy. So I'm wondering if sometimes Brad hates a game and says its a bad game not because it really is bad but because he's not good at it? This is in no way an attack on Brad but just an observation on my own feelings toward Deadly Premonition after seeing two different people play it.

Posted by sleepykyo

By all conventional measures Deadly Premonition is a terrible game.  That out of the way, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.  The combat is terrible, but manageable if you've ever played Resident Evil or Silent Hill.  I found the plot and the townsfolk to be entertaining.  The darts mini-game is actually pretty fun.  All and all, it is one of my favorite games.  Just keep in mind that this essentially the video game equivalent of a B movie.
Regarding Brad's game over during the follow scene.  That was awesome and surprisingly well animated for this game.  Almost rivals crazy York face from the failed apple puzzle.  And that is really what makes the BR run worth watching.  Some cinematic deaths that aren't going to appear in Vinnie's run and I find Brad tries a larger variety of approaches to the game.  Don't know if he'll be able to beat the game, if he continues to be so careless.  There are some actual boss fights before the game ends and while they aren't difficult, they can be tedious.

Posted by JoelTGM

Keep going guys.  You are getting closer.

Posted by pekoe212
@random_guy23 said:
" LOOK AT 12:11 IT IS KAYSEN'S PLANT! and a large fat man? Mysterious... "
Oh, wow, didn't even notice that! I hope we find out what the red seeds from those trees actually do. Apparently the military knows.
And guys, Thomas lives in an apartment building. Yeah it looks like a motel, but I've lived in three apartment buildings constructed that way, with everybody's front doors along balconies. Not uncommon.
Posted by Capum15

They ate a zombie.
I think that's all that needs to be said.

Posted by Sogeman

Is there a hint on the box that a basic understanding of videogame mechanics is required?

Posted by zanacon99

theres something i've been wondering resently, why do they call it these videos "endurance run"s? because you know when they start an endurance run, you know they are gonna finish it, i just don't see them ever giving up cuz its too hard or something, i mean whats the difference between an "endurance run" and a "blind lets play"?
Posted by Psych0Penguin

Did no-one else see George's license plate?

Posted by Scooper

That zombie climbing into York's mouth was a huge highlight of today's episode.

Posted by nathos
@Jeremy_x: also known as a "Dolly Zoom"  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolly_zoom
Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Anna makes you do a lap for the same reason that Nick makes you follow him at around 20 miles per hour and Willie takes the longest route possible through the art gallery. To prolong the fun.

Posted by buzz_clik

39:17 - Ryan's soothing optimism is refreshing and adorable.

Posted by Roomrunner

I gotta admit that the framing of the characters where ghost dad aims his gun at ghost Emily was pretty cool.

Posted by Spiritof

I played DP 3 times and literally NEVER got hit by the birds, and didn't even actively try to dodge them.
I also never ate a zombie...which I gotta admit was pretty cool to see.

Edited by Ariketh

Anyone notice George's license plate/vanity plate?
Edit: ...Wow. Didn't know you could eat a Zombie.

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