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Posted by kirisame

It's probably really annoying to read this again, so sorry!
But, Yukiko is wearing an [Ice Pin] right now. But she's still weak to ice, so you lose a turn if she gets hit.
Please equip the --Ice Suppressor--. If you do that she will get double-dodge against ice, so you might not get hit by it.
Best of luck on the boss!

Posted by Multibucket

You guys are getting closer to the end, there's still a little ways to go.  I think I racked up around 73 hours or so by the end. 

About Mudo and Hama skills, I never, ever used them.  I just powered through the enemies that were not vulnerable to the team's stuff (and I used the exact same team as yours from beginning to end).

Also, level up Rise's social link after Yukiko.  You will love it.  Plus you get three girlfriends.  

Posted by Landmine
@Milkman said:
"@Blair said:
" @McQuinn said:
" Damnit Vinny it makes me so angry when you don't know how to use the controller. "
It's SO frustrating...In a few episodes when they try to penta-fuse that persona they'll need Thoth.You'd think an experienced person like Vinny would know how to use a controller...They've only been playing this game for ~60 hours over 104 episodes. "
Then stop watching?...I don't get everyone is always bitching in the comments yet they have watched all 60 hours of the Endurance Run. If you don't like how they play, then don't watch. Or better yet, just shut up."


Also "A little kiss on the cheek" is a phrase we used to use a lot when I lived in NY many moons ago, me and my crazy italian family. Stay true Vinny, New Yawk roots. :o
Posted by sanjuro87

very funny episode guys! that yukiko line read was hilarious

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This is a comments section to vocalize your questions/comments/concerns.  I LOVE the Endurance Run, and I'm going to keep watching... and commenting.

My frustration doesn't originate from a style of play as you so wrongly put it.  Vinny and Jeff's style game play is something I enjoy which is why I've watched all 50+ hours (thanks for your brash and unnecessary comments though).  It's one thing to play in a certain way and it's another thing to constantly flounder with controls after such an extended period of time (however mistakes are fine, and so is my frustration).

Lastly, I don't understand posters who try to tell others to shut up because they are unsatisfied with the idea of criticism.  This isn't your monopoly where you get to tell others not to say certain things because it bothers you.  If you don't enjoy certain comments, don't bother reading and responding to them (how simple is that?).

This isn't meant to start an argument because frankly this is totally unimportant.  My point was just that I enjoy the videos but yet I'm very much allowed to vocalize my displeasure without being told to shut up by someone with an irrelevant perspective such as yours.

Posted by atomic_dumpling

These comment wars between the experts and people with an "irrelevant perspective" (interesting way to put it) are a part of the ER. I am more concerned about the increasing number of spoilers lately. Jeff and Vinny are getting surprised less and less.

Posted by twillfast

Who the hells said Tentarafoo was the best skill in the game?

Posted by legendary1

Those world balances that almost raped you with ziodyne are why you should have a persona with dark or light all attacks. They are weak to both, kill em all in one spell.

Posted by SaraHysaro
@legendary1 said:
"Those world balances that almost raped you with ziodyne are why you should have a persona with dark or light all attacks. They are weak to both, kill em all in one spell."

This. Using Mahama or Mamudo would save not only the headache of dealing with a long battle with them (risking "rape") but it also saves SP. I learned that the hard way. I only had Hamoan which, while effective, used way too much SP. >.> So I wound up just using vanish balls while facing them to conserve my SP. So much (potential) experience lost. T_T  I'm glad this isn't a major grinding game.
Posted by IronPiro

Trust me guys, spirit drain isn't really all that good. It doesn't get back enough SP.

Posted by VanTesla

 Love ER.

Posted by deerpoob

the whole thing with vinny roleplaying as the persona was a little creepy XD

Posted by GrandMarshal

Be carefull that wine is going to stain Jeff :(
and its a chinese dragon not a snake :P

Posted by TommyH
@Ninja: Man i have no idea where that switch came from, guess it was just one of those days! ;)
Posted by sdauz

when's the endurance run limited, collector's box super mutli DVD/blueray edition comming

Posted by Media_Master

still good

Posted by Baggykins
@sdauz said:
" when's the endurance run limited, collector's box super mutli DVD/blueray edition comming "
Yeah!? When is that?! I'd sure as hell buy that! :D
Posted by Basse21

Why do they want to get rid of Black Frost he gets health back whenever he gets hit by fire and ice and has inhanced fire and ice buffs that you dont have to cast.

Posted by Xymox

The scale battle at 45:22 was pretty intense. Watching them throw up a persona with normal resistance to lightning, even thought they totally had one that could repel that stuff, and after they almost got raped... That made it even more intense. I hate to think of what would of happened if that last attack missed... Or if Vinny didn't get that initial player advantage... 

Posted by strangeling

Go, Vinny. Go!    

Posted by Hourai

The music in this dungeon is depressing. 

Posted by GonzoSnot

This should for sure be released as a DVD boxset. Get on it, Giant Bomb.

Posted by Undeadpool

Always forget how hilarious that Kikuri "seduction" conversation is...

Posted by Duffyside
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It's hilarious to look back on the comments and see how whiny and self-entitled some people got.


I would have loved to see the nerdrage when Jeff and Vinny reached the end of the game...

Posted by Minalear