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Posted by Vinny

This is probably my favorite E3 video, so I'm totally promoting it!

Posted by YoungBuck


Posted by Meliv

Gotta agree with Vinny. Great stuff. Nuka Cola!

Posted by warxsnake

really cool and funny editing on this one

Posted by sociald1077

I love my Wii, but Disc-Dog and Wii Music look so fucking lame.

Posted by Joseppie

It's the drummer, isn't it Vinny? Admit it. Admit it!

Posted by walter_sobchak

Great job covering the event, all of you.  I'm still trying to catch up with all the podcasts.  Awesome work under pressure, Vinny!

Posted by Wildfire570

I liked toward the end of the video where the camera falls like the Blair Witch Project lol

Posted by Smallville123

No more viddler?

Posted by Epyk

Nintendo:  We're not smiling with you, we're smiling at you!

Posted by Stokes

Awesome video.  I really have some catching up to do on podcast.  Maybe I'll try and do that tomorrow while I'm editing some pages, you know, instead of doing work and all.

Posted by Soulless

Haha, it's hilarious to watch people play Wii games like Wii music.

Posted by ChaosTony

The editing with the drumming guy is amazing.

Posted by jNerd

I agree, they need to STFU about the PS2. They should've spouted off the few sweet PSP things they had & then RAPED all the earz in the auditorium with PS3 gamey goodness!

Posted by lux

lol @ that drummer

Posted by Ravioli_Sumo

Keep it up! I love this site. It's very refreshing.

Posted by Rassidan

Miyamoto playing the sax ... priceless

Posted by JoshA

Very nice! Glad to see some E3 stuff from GiantBomb.com!

Posted by TIGER

Great job again guys. We lived e3 through you guys.

I checked out gamespot for a few minuts just to see Justin Calverts funny british ass.

much love from alabama

Posted by MidnyteWolf

I love the end lol

Posted by Freki

Great video guys!

Posted by passerotto


We have all my support after gamespot story.....

i'm a review-man for a italian site(riseofgames.com), can we add for friend site?

Posted by Crimacabre

Haha, what has happened to Nintendo. They are so cheesy.

Posted by MSG

Love the video guys (Vinny).  For me, the day 3 vid gets a slight edge over it though, what with all the "Psycho Killer" references.  Also, Brad is right, Dead Space looks super hot.

Posted by yorro

Funny stuff on the sword fighting. Really look awkward without the screens.

Posted by darthincredible25

I am excited for Playstation 3 for once, they look like they are listening to their core gamers. Xbox 360 is taking a turn for the better, games for the hardcore and games for the casuals, but sometimes catering to both can be an impossible task.  Nintendo makes me cry, no new Mario or Zelda.

Posted by giyanks22

How can anyone think this is a good press conference for sony. Jeff hit it on nose. Sony spent way too much time promoting the PS2. They should be promoting the PS3, but why are they still promoting the PS2??? Because they can't sell the PS3. The only reason PS3's are selling, are because that they got Metal of Gear Solid 4!!! Sony you have a long ladder to climb till it's your year.

Posted by casper663

Great job i am a new member to the site and I love it thank you and wish you while.

Posted by War77Machine

I think it will be Microsofts year, Nintendo aren't releasing enough big titles and Sony only have Metal Gear Solid 4 as a real console seller.

Posted by eunao2

OMG! The camera men died!!!!!!!

Posted by Lev_Arris

Nintendo really didn't made me jump this year.  Kinda weak show they shown this year.  I hated that lady on stage.

Posted by zeus_gb

Great video!

Posted by iAmNeilStrauss

man that drummer had some SKITTLES!

Posted by loserkid962

Nintendo is the epitome of failure

Posted by nobull6

I was looking forward to Nintendo outdoing Microsoft, but it just didn't happen.  My Wii is likely to continue to stay unplugged for quite a while.

Posted by halatsinator

Could you PLEASE include Nuka Cola in the drinks segment of the next bombcast?!

Posted by TinyGrenade

Is that a bottle of Nuke Cola?

Posted by Pygmahia

that drummer is so gay lmao

Posted by Scorched

Nintendo brings frowns to my face

Posted by okthen

wow so busy, i couldnt do that for a living

Posted by ElMonkz

I like the chronology of the videos.  ;-)

Posted by plastique

Yeah, Nintendo kind of rested on their laurels. They can afford to though. I bet they're working on stuff for next year that's not ready to show off that'll blow our socks off.

Posted by plastique

I kind of don't get how this site works sorry to say. Is it as glitchy as hell or is it me?

Posted by clarkeyboy21

Love it!

Posted by Angularbanjo

Digging the rock'n'roll ending :D

Posted by chandlerr_360

LOL! That drummer was ridiculous...omg so funny.

Posted by chacho89

LOl great job guys.

Posted by Gagewhylds

I could've sworn Ryan said "Alright, it's 6:45, let's roll up!" at the very end. Funny stuff though, stoked on some games I've never even heard of 'til now.

Posted by Shabran

the editing was jokes

Posted by ashogo

This makes me feel like I've been there.

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