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Not mine.

edit: imagine if it was a family of spiders.

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That box was bigger than expected.

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ron paul 2012

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Who gave Ryan a knife?

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I hope to see the box emptied, and Ryan crawling inside it.

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Lol really?

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What a great person.

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Haha nice

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What's in the booooox...?

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What a piece of work

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Giant Box.

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That is fucking great.

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I really wasnt expecting that. LoL

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This is actual a viral ad for Moly's upcoming game.

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I would put some kind of horrible trap at the bottom, just for shits and giggles.

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All future mail to Giant Bomb should be delivered in this fashion.

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I will be disappointed if a big black dick isn't in the box.

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I've done this to people before. Great fun was had every time.

By me.

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Greatest mailbag ever.

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What a dick haha

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This is incredble

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It reminds me when my buddy bought me MvC3 for Class Christmas and he wrapped it in like 15 fucking boxes. The sheer act of unpacking that stuff was a gift in itself.

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Thats just hilarious.

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Max is an asshole. A brilliant asshole.

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Ha, fantastic. I was expecting the envelope to contain a piece of paper with HOPE in big, bold letters written on it.

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Giantbomb needs to prank CAH now, this is war!

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Oh god I need to do this to somebody

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It's like those Cards guys gots themselves a sense of humor.

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Packages Against Humanity.

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Who wouldn't want a giant box of foam packing peanuts?

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@sir_gunblade said:

Who gave Ryan a knife?

Ryan knows how to handle a knife. It's Jeff's knife-handling that's historically worried me.

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Oh this is just wasteful!

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haha, so fucking stupid, i love it

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I knew exactly what it was going to be as soon as I saw the box. Hilarious.

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I fell out of my chair when Ryan pulled out that envelope.

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hahahahahaha! omg! what an asshole! Well it sure made for a great video.

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Well done, Max. Well done.

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Oh wow, what a dick!

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oh man, totally trolled by cards against humanity. SHOCKED. :P

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Send me that box!

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ahaha wow what a villain. who would do such a thing.

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I was way off on my guess. I thought it was a dead body.

Or more Twinkies.

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Such a cliff hanger!!! What did they do with the box afterward?!?!

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I predicted this from the start haha!

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@AlexanderSheen said:

I fell out of my chair when Ryan pulled out that envelope.

:O Are you ok?

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This weeks TNT is just filling out legal forms.

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phew, Ryan's OK.