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bout time they started doing some table top stuff

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Alright. I'll watch this then.

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w00t! Got something to watch when I don't do anything at work tomorrow!

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Wondered how you guys would shoot this...Awesome!

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AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! So glad I resubscribed my gold membership!

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Ian is Crispy Drew.

Drew is Original Recipe.

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...so Vinny is just outside the picture, right? Going to join the rest of the gang every minute now, riiight?

Otherwise I'll just leave this for some other day...ohthankgod, Vinny confirmed!

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I just watched the stream of this, now I'm going to watch the archive. Best stream ever.

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I'm so glad they finally did this! I really hope this becomes a weekly thing, it was fantastic.

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V-Bomb climbing that moss to drop a wicked (stone) elbow.

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@glottery said:

...so Vinny is just outside the picture, right? Going to join the rest of the gang every minute now, riiight?

Otherwise I'll just leave this for some other day...

Clicking five minutes into the video reveals...

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Waiting for the VBOMB tshirt

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Goddamnit I have been a free user for almost a year and a half and this is the one that broke me. Took me all of five seconds to sign up for a year.

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hey, hey...unplug.

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One of my favorite things they've ever done. Please do part 2 next Thursday.

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please do as many of these as you can.

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too much good content today gotdamn

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@cday said:

hey, hey...unplug.

That's a deep cut

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Vinny is a great and creative roleplayer.

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I played a lot of DnD back in the day. Good times.

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The resolution of the combat is SO GOOD. SO GOOD.


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After this I wanna see a Gamma World stream.

Keep this up please!

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This is the best idea Giant Bomb has ever had.

And they need to get Jeff in there. Not to play, but to just sit in the corner and talk shit the whole time.

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and of course Vinny had the most fun talking about races

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This was great. Vinbomb is hilarious. Dave is the tabletop OG. I miss DMing..And i think Ian seems pretty cool. He knows his shit.

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Watching this live was the best giantbomb moment, probably.

When Vbomb went to climb the moss and the stream cut, I LOST MY FUCKING MIND.

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I haven't played that many DnD video games and have never played any pen and paper games but this really makes me wanna get a group of people together and try this someday, too bad it'll never happen.

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can't wait to watch.

Also to everybody (else) who suggested Pathfinder to Rorie - we got our way, yay!

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Iv been waiting for this ever since they received this stuff in the mailbag. Table tops and Dark Souls have made me keep my Premium, it was getting abit bare until the last couple weeks!

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Oh nice, I'm dipping my toes into table top gaming so this video is coming in at just the right time for me.

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watching this while playing the BF4 beta was.. GREEEAAAT!

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You should do this more often guys. This was a lot of fun to watch.

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Vinny would be so mad to know that he could wield a longsword with both hands and get half his strength mod as extra damage.

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What a bunch of geeks...I LOVE 'EM!

50 minutes in and I'm not convinced they're going to ever start actually playing it in this video!

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I don't think anyone can climb as good as V-Bomb.

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You guys should do this more often, it was a lot of fun to watch.

Don't sweat the rules guys, you'll learn as you go!

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Oh wow! More of this please!

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I want to see more of this. I would love to see this be at least a semi regular feature, as this is already one of my favorite.

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Thursday Knight Throwdown (I wish I made that one up)

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I have wanted this forever. Keep this awesome stuff coming!

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That was great. This is why I love Giant Bomb so much. V-Bomb is probably the best Roleplaying character ever, and I hope Jeff joins in on the next one!

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This reminds me I need to check up on Kingdom of Death, it looked like a really cool tabletop game considering I've never been into them.

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OH here we go! Wasn't expecting this, should be a good day.