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What... What is this...

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Will this be a Quick Look or a UPF segment?

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Well this looks like fun

Can't for a quicklook of this one

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GOTY 2014

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The hell?

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Pack it in, folks. Game trailers will never get better than this.

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I love these guys... they know EXACTLY what they have and are doing this so right.

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Praise the sun!

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But will the game have as much emotional impact as the trailer?

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Greatest trailer I've ever seen.

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Haha, very Dead Island

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I want this so badly.

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I want to play this. But I think even more than I want to play it I want to watch Vinny play it. I hope this ends up in his hands.

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That was beautiful. /sniff

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I can't wait to see what people can do with this. It looks like the perfect kind of dumb.

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Will this be a Quick Look or a UPF segment?

An Endurance Run. Finally, a game worthy of a new Endurance Run.

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Year of the goat confirmed?

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I'm into it.

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GOAT-Y 2014

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I have been waiting my whole life for this very game.

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Oh man, I love how it's just a spoof of the Dead Island trailer.

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Nice dead Island spoof

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I'll wait for Goat Simulator: Riptide.

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The emotional resonance levels are off the charts. Could this be the greatest of all time?

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I pre ordered this earlier than i did with GTA V. That says alot of me doesn't it?

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What the actual fuck?

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This is more moving than the dead island trailer.

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I previously was just going to giggle that this game could exist and be sold as a product but now because of this trailer I'm going to purchase and play it oh my god.

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Guys, this is an April Fools Joke months in the making. April 1st falls on new release day this year.

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There was a good half-second of me going blank-faced when I pieced together what the trailer was coming together as.

Tears ensued. Bravo, Goat Simulator. Bravo!

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@tesla said:

But will the game have as much emotional impact as the trailer?

I see what you did there.

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Slightly not sure if this is a Joke or not. It's coming to steam APRIL 1st...

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Is this a program that simulates goats, or is it a simulator that takes the form of a goat? I MUST KNOW!

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Done. Sold. Say no more.

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Loading Video...

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Simulation at its finest!

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Now I understand why goats are associated with devil worship.

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Patrick this is your next project game for the spelunky/isaac/etc game playing series. o___o

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Like that LL Cool J album.

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Ok, I see what they did here, but... what if the goat was an electric palate lifter, and the mayhem was a busy warehouse?