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Fuck yeah. Hot shit!

Posted by UnlivedPhalanx

yay more halo!

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Posted by Devil240Z


Posted by Pie
@Vinchenzo: Wad?
Posted by opivypunk


Posted by Ozzie

love these live action trailers, but this one doesn't beat the ODST one

Posted by nanikore

Dude needs to work on his chest a little.

Posted by Vinchenzo
@Pie: I have my quest done. I'm going to eat you next!
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@Ozzie said:
" love these live action trailers, but this one doesn't beat the ODST one "

Woo-Hoo! The ODST one was awesome, but I'm far more excited for Reach.
Posted by MmmSkyscraper

Looks like he shit his pants when he's walking towards the suit.

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Hopefully the expanded trailer is better. It's been awhile since I've read the first few books, but I'm pretty sure the training process and becoming a Spartan is much more arduous then that...
Posted by CitizenKane

May 3rd!!

Posted by SilverArrows

Wow ... MS is going all out for this, I mean, its just the beta, and there is a freaking primetime TV spot for it. Imagine what the marketing blitz will be like when the full game is released. 
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Man that is one scrawny ass spartan :/

Posted by Landon

Pretty cool trailer

Posted by DavidSnakes

Wow, very well produced video.  Seriously, the editing and cinematography are second to none.

Posted by VoodooTerror

that was somewhat disappointing

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Was the last part in CG?

Posted by rohanspear345

this trailer was pretty lame. INJECTIONS! youre a spartan now !

Posted by Lies


Posted by Bogitt

Pretty good video but i always imagined Spartans being a lot bigger, he looks pretty scrawny and fairly average in height to me but hey guess it's only a video

Posted by ccm0628

Im I the only one person that doesn't think these are as good as the ODST ones?

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

Do I have to watch Halo: Reach: The Birth Of A Spartan I and II before I watch this?
How confusing!

Posted by ky326
@Tennmuerti said:
" Man that is one scrawny ass spartan :/ "
Posted by pickassoreborn

I love the live action Halo stuff. I still can't believe someone fumbled the ball regarding the Halo movie.

Posted by Drod

I prefered the OST commercial better, this one was just kind of meh

Posted by blalala
@528seven: Is this better?: The birth of a "Spartan III"
Posted by PerryVandell

That was pretty cool.

Posted by Brenderous

His eyes turn blue?
So the Spartans are the new Aryan race?
Way to be nazis, Bungie.

Posted by Relys

So I take it they're still against stem cell research in the future?
Injections? Seriously?

Posted by JohnB

Nice. Take that, Silver account.
Posted by Catolf

At least he was attractive. XP

Posted by Parsnip

So blue eyes? Master race.

Posted by Catolf
@Brenderous said:
" His eyes turn blue?  So the Spartans are the new Aryan race?  Way to be nazis, Bungie. "
nice. I didn't even think of that.
Posted by Bionicicide

Could've been a 5 Gum commercial too... 

Posted by LiquidElite
i think alot of people dont realise that sparta III may have still been super soldiers but they where the cost effective quick to produce range. they arnt as skilled as original or even second generation spartans but they are better than normal humans. they where mass produced or at least if my memories not wrong. so an injection like this should explain
Posted by ip007

I am still in shock that there is no Halo movie. Come on, if you can do this type of deal then the logical next step is a full length live action movie. No bloody anime series or bullshit like that please!

Posted by Jack_Daniels

Spartans wouldn't give a shit about their parents as they were abducted at a very young age and didn't get the actual medical procedures for like ten years. That was such crap.

Posted by Reverseface


Posted by IIChristian89II

that trailer was not as good as i had hoped for. I mean the ODST one was epic! i thought this one would be just as good if not better.  
Alas i was mistaken :(

Posted by Tirion

I must say these videos are pretty sweet, so I'm looking forward to more of them in their marketing campaign!

Posted by Shaanyboi

That was dumb

Posted by Lies
@Jack_Daniels said:
" Spartans wouldn't give a shit about their parents as they were abducted at a very young age and didn't get the actual medical procedures for like ten years. That was such crap. "
SPARTAN-IIIs are all orphans from the Covenant war, chosen at ages from 6 to about 12. Orphans were chosen so no parents would notice missing children and the Spartans would have mor emotivation to fight the Covenant. The picture of his parents would be extrmely meaningful.
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Live action commercials are the single most melodramatic, pompous trend in video game advertising.  Just show us the fucking game.

Posted by JustKamToo


 injection ?!?! now your Captain America know your shit.

Posted by ISmoochyI

not ganna lie...a pretty badass trailer

Posted by White_Silhouette

The extended version of this trailer says he's Carter Spartan 249.

Posted by Gizmo

Give us our damn Halo movie, Microsoft.

Posted by Jehuty_X

Oh F***, I thought this was a game cutscene. 
Damn I was disapoint.

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