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Posted by Hangid

this is my favorite How to build a bomb episode  : D

Posted by MOLE

^^^ I agree totaly, its just them messing around, just what I want

Posted by FuzzyFace56

Shouldn't be so mean to the star.....he tries his best!  D:

Posted by AttackedCamo

"This website doesn't build itself star!" It gets me every time.

Posted by Wildfire570

Ahh, I own that star man too!

Posted by Lance

I love if you watch the hand that is shooting ryan is in fact ryan's arm.you can tell by the tat

Posted by okuzy

the work harder thing will LIVE IN INPHAMY, emfammy? YEAH!

Posted by Skeetz

nice to see the full team in action, showing a great chemistry, and providing alot of laughs. keep working hard guys

Posted by filiwian

Lol, great vid.

Posted by NinjaMunkey

That video is awsome!

I still want that deer!

Posted by lildiesel

That daly wrap thing totally needs to happen soon!

Posted by CylonAndrew

Well, that star does not know how to work hard. He may nneed to be replaced.

Posted by Venatio

Funny video

Posted by Mister_Snig

Giant Bomb needs more Midnight Brown references. Hell, Giant Bomb needs more Midnight Brown.

Posted by mawfu

What an entrance by brad.

Posted by BrushedChrome

io justr wanted to talk jeff gets shot lololololololol

Posted by Koopa_kid12

Lol! And a Hamburger is a Burger! END OF STORY!

Posted by Jiquk

work harder star

Posted by BawaTheGamer

i lold hard.

Posted by Psykhophear

GiantBomb is powered by Macs. That is sweet.

Posted by Light_Bahamut

Ahh, the first Vinny video for the site. 

Posted by Sauson

Jeff is the man.

Posted by Kraznor

Ah, this is still one of my favorites on the site.

Posted by chamin1

I'm sorry but I just keep thinking that the government is going to show up at my house thinking I'm a terrorist because I watched this video XD. That would be a mess now wouldn't it.

Posted by Esten

This video sat the tone for the rest of the site, just plain amazing!! :)

Posted by Residentrevil2

Work Harder!

Now that'll motivate you. :)

Posted by UnsolvedParadox

And the home team unites!

Posted by Zereta


Posted by Bigbombomb

So, are hamburgers sandwiches?

Posted by Y2Ken

This video pretty much sums up Giant Bomb. And the first one to show the full main crew?
What an entrance, I remember seeing Brad on this first time and flipping the F out, and then at the end... BAM! Vinny in yo' face! OOOOOHHH $#!+!!!!!!

Posted by SBYM

Nice with the opening cymbals of Too Hot playing during Brad's jump.

Posted by Figcoinc

Nice welcoming intro of the Fantastic Four. I always wondered when Brad, and Vinny showed up.

Posted by Arc209

ITS BRAD AND VINNY(With hair)!!!! Also one of the craziest videos I have seen on this site, a screen test indeed.

Posted by StarErik

Yes!! By watching this I finally completed the Eternal Struggle quest.

Posted by BaconGames

Recording the beginning of the site-wide of obsession of whether a hamburger is a sandwich or not.  (According to a giant bomb dot com it is.)

Man talk about some fond memories right here.

Posted by ep_driver

such a good episode of how to build a bomb. loveeee this one. classic.

Posted by MrBubbles

this is my favorite how to build a bomb

also it kind of sucks that the daily wrap up thing never happened

Posted by Winternet

And so the Vinny awesomeness began.

Posted by Consaw

Its kinda weird seeing Vinny wear khakis. He doesn't seem like a khaki kinda guy.

Edited by Residentrevil2

Look at the production values. It has been I while since I've seen this vid. It brings back so many good memories. Also, Vinny had hair? I was here from the beginning and I had forgotten that!

Posted by KingGiddra

Vinny with hair... It wasn't that long ago.

Posted by admachina

New site, may as well watch this again.

Also, sticky video is great.

Also, embiggened sticky video is great.

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never forget

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I like how you can immediately tell that Vinny started making videos here.

Posted by David_Spiral

Step 7: Green Screen.

Posted by blacklab

Featuring Hairvinny and Skinnybrad.

Posted by Itwongo

What the hell is that song?!?