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Classic Appearances

Invincible Mario

The Starman, as it appeared in the original Super Mario Bros. games, is an item that gives Mario increased speed, the ability to kill any enemies that touches him, and invincibility against for death by falling. Also takes baby Yoshi straight to big Yoshi without the five enemy as food requirement. If Mario & Co. defeat 7 enemies, then they will earn up to 16,400 points and if the 8th enemy is defeated, then he'll receive a 1-Up. The theme of the star varies depending on which game you are playing. For Super Mario 3D Land, if Mario can defeat five enemies or more, then an additional life is added to his total and each enemy that he defeated is worth one coin each.

Other Appearances

Rainbow Star from both Super Mario Galaxy games.

A Starman from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! with a smile.

A version of the Starman appears in Super Mario Galaxy, though it was changed significantly. Known as the Rainbow Star, it bestows the same abilities as a regular Starman, though it also allows Mario to attract star bits as he runs. Yoshi's Island also features the Starman, this time adorned with boots and a smile. When obtained, he adds one second to the time baby Mario is safe. Additionarlly, a super star could be obtained that seals Yoshi in an egg and lets Mario follow by flying behind him. The Mario Kart series' Starman also makes an appearance and when used, you'll become invincible and your kart's speed will increase. The Mario Party series' Starman is also in the franchise because if a player lands on a star space, then he/she must pay 20 coins in order to collect them and there's also bonus stars that goes to the players based on their performance during the game and the player who has the most by the end of the game, wins!

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