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Posted by Sharpshooter

Why does it say ep. 9? o.O Also Vinnie doesn't appear on camera enough.

Posted by MOLE

^^^^ I agree, Vinnie, I want to see more of him. 

And damn, these videos are good quality, looks like their in HD

And Vinnie said they will do the next challenge

Where the Next MGS4 CHALLENGE?!?!??!?

Posted by AttackedCamo

I want Snake Challenge #2!

Posted by DanCarmichael

I hate you ghost fish.


Posted by LiquidPrince

That computer scan was badass.

Posted by okuzy

yeah man. Vinnie, bro, show up more! need to see the face behind that voice. lol. wth?

Posted by Skeetz

Kon-Amy :D genius

Posted by filiwian

I never knew a Mac was able to do a barcode scan lol.

Posted by artofwar420

That little background music is kick ass. So kick ass.

Posted by FallenFatKid

good job brad

Posted by seanbooker

What exactly is that barcode scan thing? Is it a program for something?

Posted by mawfu

Physical challenge. More stupid Friday vids please!

Posted by MajikMouse

"Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots... by con amy :D"

Posted by SpikeDelight

This is awseome! I love the background music that starts playing when Ryan saysy the guy tried to talk to him about DBZ. Love the videos guys! This site is awesome!

Posted by SpikeDelight

This is like that episode of Futurama where Bender's apartment is this tiny 2'x2' space and his closet is an amazing spacious room. Why are Jeff and company set up down in the basement? :P

Posted by ShiningMyDuggy

Yea what is that barcode scanner for?

Posted by Koopa_kid12
Posted by Kontrapunkt

Why does jeff have a handbag or something?

Posted by Decimator

Hahaha, another super cool video! :D

Posted by BurningChimaera

For those of you wondering, the software for the barcode scan is Delicious Library, or at least, that's the one I'm using. The interface looks the same, so I assume they're using the same thing.

Posted by retwakm

this is what i always liked about gamespot and now this sight and not about others... PLENTY OF FEATURES! i mean trailers and stuff is okay but really you can see those anywhere and theres nothing really special about em. nice job guys

Posted by Sauson

Damn those ghost fish!

Posted by Residentrevil2

I hate you too, Ghost Fish!

Awesome video guys... About 1 year later and it still rocks!

Posted by Cincaid

Seriously. Best, job, in, the, world.
I'm having nightmares of jealousy!

Posted by TehBuLL

hah, this is the one.  tried searching everywhere for "vinny climbs fridge" and couldn't find it.  An hour later of watching videos, I found it.

Posted by Blair

This remains my favorite How To Build A Bomb episode.
I hate you ghost fish.

Posted by Kraznor

What was that thing he was scanning it into anyway? Some kind of online database?

Posted by Mrbrandneweverythang

vinny you da mannnnn
Posted by IceTrey87

is the ghoest fish reference Ninja Gaiden 2 or something?
Posted by lordofultima
@IceTrey87 said:
" is the ghoest fish reference Ninja Gaiden 2 or something? "
Ghost Face Killa
Posted by hazzard4123
@Kraznor:    It's a program called "Delicious Library"
Posted by originalgamer

We need to bring back Vinny can what Old Snake Can't

Posted by TheMoD

oh man this is great    
Posted by Kontrapunkt

I still think this is my favorite video on the site.

Posted by gosukiller

Damn you Con Amy!

Posted by Sweep

I fucking hate you, ghostfish...

Posted by dexterslu

Jeff has jeans on in this video, there should be a quest where you find all the videos with Jeff and jeans..

Posted by chogi

vinny lost alot of weight huh?

Posted by MrBubbles

yes ryan i agree ghost fish are BULLSHIT!

Posted by WEGGLES

It's weird watching this video. They aren't even in that office any more. Also Jeff seems to have lost a bit of weight since this video. 

Posted by Arc209

*whispering* I hate you ghost fish...lol

Posted by Slaker117

Wow, Vinny looks so much younger here.

Posted by BaconGames

So many promises made in these old videos, it's almost funnier that they never happened.  Like Old Snake Challenge #2.

Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

You guys get something good?  
No, we got Metal Gear.

Posted by dcgc


Posted by cabelhigh

God damnit Ryan looks so much younger. And Vinny has hair! Madness!

Posted by DJJoeJoe
Posted by Viking_Funeral

Awww. They're all so young and innocent.

Posted by bobtastic715

Brad doesn't age...ever

Edited by Residentrevil2

Ah Vinny... I'm glad he is still with the team. We need more Vinny/Old Snake challenges. Nice to see how Giant Bomb has grown and changed since it's humble beginnings.

p.s. I still hate you Ghost Fish. ; )

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