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The game has a story mode, a versus mode, a trial challenge mode, and a tutorial. The story mode is divided into certain sagas and ends before the Majin Buu saga.

Story Mode Sagas

Saiyan Saga

The saiyan saga focuses on the events at the beginning of the series, culminating with the fight of Goku VS. Vegeta.
Goku in his final effort against Frieza

Frieza Saga

The Frieza Saga focuses on the events which take place on the planet Namek. It encompasses the series of fights that Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta take on before Goku's arrival. It then focuses on Goku's efforts against the Ginyu Force and ultimately culminates with a duel between Goku and Frieza.

Cell Saga

The Cell saga encompasses both the android saga and the cell games events. It culminates with the fight of Teen Gohan and Perfect Cell.

Bardock Saga

The Bardock Saga is an out of continuity saga which focuses on Bardock. Players take control of Bardock as he faces off with Frieza, Krillin, Vegeta and culminates with a fight against Goku.
Broly charging his ultimate attack

Broly Saga

The Broly saga is an out of continuity saga which puts the player in control of Broly. Players fight against Krillin, Teen Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, Vegeta, and end the arc with a fight against Goku.


Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit is set apart from previous games with the introduction of Drama Pieces. Drama pieces are short cutscenes that play out during a battle once certain conditions are met. They often have effects on the status of characters, such as the increase or decrease of a character's health, defense, or ki.


In the versus mode players choose a partner before each fight who sometimes jump in and deliver an attack to their opponent just before leaving.

Trial Chalenges

Trial challenges ask players to win 100 matches without dying or finish ten matches within a time limit.

Story mode

Z Chronicles, the game's story mode differs from past games in that players don't choose the character they play as. Instead, players are commonly placed in the shoes of whatever character wins the major fights throughout the series.

Some of the more general gameplay changes include not being able to charge up ki energy. Rather, it fills up automatically during fights. Once full players can use aura spark, use ultimate attacks, and if available complete transformations.

Ultimate attacks are the game's equivalent of special moves. Each character has one or more, and chooses before each match in versus mode. It's not uncommon for a single ultimate attack to take away en entire bar of an opponent's health. Aura Spark lasts only a short while. It makes players stronger and allows them to knock their opponents into the air, initiating a short minigame. Both players must mash the face buttons to get their color (red or blue) to fill a bar on the bottom of the screen. The bar is divided into three sections. The players that starts the game has to get their color from the left to the right; the player on the receiving end must get their color from the right to the left. If both colors are in the middle then the minigame ends in a draw. If the players that starts it gets their color to the far end then they win and do quite a bit of damage to their opponent. However, the player that gets hit with this move can reverse it if they are fast enough.


Common Criticisms

The game is commonly criticized for not doing a good job of explaining the story beyond brief dialogue before fights. Many others have felt that the game offers much less than those prior. It has less characters and moves available, all of which are unlocked after one playthrough. Something that was impossible in most of the previous games.

Xbox 360 Game Installation

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit requires 3.4GB of space to install on an Xbox 360 HDD.

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