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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm is a fighting game that was developed by CyberConnect2 exclusively for the PlayStation 3 console.

Ultimate Ninja Storm features a 3D combat environment, allowing the player to engage in a more tactical, true-to-show fighting experience than previous Naruto Ultimate games.

The game features a story mode that spans from the first episode to the end of the Sasuke retrieval arc, and allows players to "free-roam" the iconic Naruto locale of Konoha Village.


There are 25 playable characters available in the game, which include:

Downloadable Content

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm received free downloadable content from the first week of the game’s launch. The DLC consists mainly of new support-characters and single player missions.

The scheduled list of downloadable support-characters is as follows:

The first and second hokage, which were previously US pre-order exclusives, are also now available for download in the playstation network for everyone.

It should also be noted that each character is also accompanied by a new single player mission.


The song list consists of:

Opening 1:35

Main Title 0:32

Big Fight With The Giant Toad 2:34

Deadly Struggle 2:21

The Ones To Be Protected 2:15

Sorrowful Eyes 2:06

Sand Ripples In The Wind 2:42

Dream And Determination 1:37

Earth-Shaking Matter 2:46

Gentle Eyes 0:34

The Roar In A Rain Of Tears 2:38

Crimson Spiral & Black Thunder 2:55

The Back That Fades Away 2:43

Light Never Goes Out 2:56

Day Of Departure 2:39

Squad 7 5:15

The Curtain Opens 0:57

Premonition 1:37

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