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Wohoo! Monday!

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After last week, I thought mondays were no longer loved around here!

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Thanks for fixing me up again. I was having serious withdrawal symptoms of my weekly need for a bit of ILM. Next week same time, same place?

But loose the Ryan guy. I swear he is a NARC. Also heard he harrased a fella named Alexis G. Though maybe it was just a streetworker, I mean Alexis is a girls name right?!

I'm feeling it working now, the ILM.... I'M A Wizard and China don't care!

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Kentia Is Nigh!

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...and the rest of the week!

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Can Jeff reading the novelization of Space Jam be a subscriber video?

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Loved episode 1 of the Space Jam Endurance Run, can't wait till tomorrow's!!

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Jeff is a pro at stealing the spotlight. He even got Patrick interested, stopped him mid-sentence.

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Mondays may cry.

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Whig vs Tory bowling, Dave Snider is a Federalist.

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@Rejizzle said:

Can Jeff reading the novelization of Space Jam be a subscriber video?

It would get me to subscribe.

Looking forward to that review, Brad.

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The image of Patrick eating an overcooked baguette dry made me vicariously thirsty. And a bit grossed out. Point about empathy thoroughly proven.

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I love that they really are going to try to make the wig-bowling thing TNT.
I'm also really looking forward to DMC.

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Was hoping for them to get started on the Canadian 90s mailbag of games that showed up a little while ago but hearing that they are going to start another history filled trip through the Jurassic Park games should be just as entertaining.

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Why does my browser(s) have such a hard time getting videos to even start?

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dont forget to put the surround sound on in the snes jurassic park game!!!

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Can't wait for the live stream of DmC tomorrow! I LOVE NINJA THEORY SO DAMN MUCH!

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Jeff's beard is the Assassin's Creed logo.

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Jeff looks an awful lot like an Uncle of mine with that facial hair.

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Jeff's facial hair is amazing!

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yay wig bowling.

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STUFF IS HAPPENING! Also, I'm relieved to see that Mondays still are loved.

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Bowling. What?

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To whoever is preparing to send in another package for the GB Crew:

Please send Patrick a cookbook.

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mmmmm, baguette
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I just want everyone to know that I have a PRE-Space Jam poster hanging in my office with MJ and Bugs Bunny and the phrase "Hare Jordan" on the bottom.

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I get the feeling that unprofessional friday will be filled with details about upcoming site stuff so looking forward to that.

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So many indie games

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Jeff needs to be a narrator for audio books.

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I'm looking forward to next week and some coverage of Ni No Kuni; I'm very excited about that game and look forward to seeing what the GB crew thinks of it.

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@PimblyCharles said:

Can't wait for the live stream of DmC tomorrow! I LOVE NINJA THEORY SO DAMN MUCH!

who's your go-to author on ninja theory books? i would like to study some of that.

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Jeff's beard is detachable and is the third strongest throwing item in the game.

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Jeff! Beard! Hell Yeah!

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Play that Ocean JP PC game from 1993, that game is nostalgia over load for me, the FPS sections with the raptors, oh shit that was scary when I was 6.

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We need more of Jeff reading.

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Nice. Warframe is pretty damn fun man.

Also fully support goatee Jeff.

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Get deep into that baguette, Klepek.

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Why is that Tullamore Dew still there?

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Never much understood why movie novelizations were made...maybe for kids whose parents never let them watch movies.

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Patrick completely losing his train of thought as soon as he saw Jeff with a SpaceJam book was pretty humorous.

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Weird coincidence, just started listening to Ocean's Jurassic Park game soundtrack a few hours ago. Hot damn that soundtrack is amazing.

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i will pay for a spacejam audio book as read by Jeff.

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I continue to enjoy the notion that an adult male will go hungry when his wife is out of town.

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Aw yeah! Wig bowling! Happy to see whatever happens there.

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I'm pretty sure I can do without a quick look that involves the words Journey Down and Colon. That just doesn't sound like a place I want to go.