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I like where this is going...

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23 seconds in and I'm already glad I'm watching this


Lonely Jeff and his C64 games.....it's so empty.

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Awesome! ♥♥♥

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lol I like that fade in to an empty room... and jeff

you know, that lower camera and the room lighting make Jeff's eyes really striking actually.

Huh, welp, anyway.

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I like this

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@cerberus3dog: At first, self discovery may be frightening. But.....those eyes.

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That address in the title screen of Jumpman just looks like houses now. Probably all Google employees these days.

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First video games I ever played were on a C64. This was some pretty awesome nostalgia. Thanks Jeff!!

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Oh wow, I love this. Jeff, alone on the set, just playing video games.

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As far as I'm concerned, this is my ideal future for Giant Bomb. More home recording, more solo stuff... With all of the recent departures, and loss of Ryan, I think we should get back to solo streams. This was great.

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California Games on the C64 makes California Games on the Atari Lynx look like a graphical tour de force

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This is great.

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@blair: I agree. One and two people videos are usually the best for Giant Bomb's style. Things get a bit muddled on, for instance, the live shows when there are several together and sort of group conversation style is in play. Bombcast, of course, being the exception. And even on the Bombcast, three or four people is often better than five or six.

My favorite videos are things like Encyclopedia Bombastica, Jeff's jar videos, load my last save and breaking Brad, Vinny and Drew playing simulators, the endurance runs, quicklooks of games that the guys turn out to be way in to right from the get go (like recent Heavy Bullet QL) etc. etc. That's the good stuff. :)

As for Vinny's move: not sure everyone realizes that that means unsupervised Vinny at all times! Which of course is best Vinny. :D

edit--- same topic. has Brad ever done a solo quicklook? He should. I'm curious if he would be less distracted about everything if he wasn't talking to someone else while doing the video.

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I knew that laser sound from Paradroid sounded familiar...

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Okay im pissed. I always wanted a C64. There is something about the C64 and the Amiga that I love. I love the history of how the computer industry evolved from OS and Hardware and especially have a soft spot for things like BeOS.

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Yesss. I cut my gaming teeth on my C64, fun to look back on it these days. Project Space Station for the win!

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Fuck yes, Jumpman. My favorite game of my childhood.

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This is lots of fun. Did they ever do the Jaguar stream they talked about back in 2009?

Also, this makes me really glad that I was born in 88 and my gaming started with NES/SNES era games. I really don't like these super-old computer games/Atari 2600 style games.

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Finally, a system i can relate. Brings back a lot of memories from learning how to hack games, to the constant trading of discs, lots of friends back then, not so much now. Good times.

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@straightgrizzly: Isn't that the one where James Bond goes to some super-exclusive arcade and there are ultra-rich people in formal wear and fancy dresses playing on arcade cabinets? Freaking classic, I had a long hard laugh at that one.

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Ah Giana Sisters. The worst game with the best theme song ever. Just watch this. Song starts 20 seconds in:

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@jeff You're playing California Games Flying Disk all wrong. First of all you don't need to push the button to catch the disk, it just needs to touch your hand. Second of all, you need to run with the disk, not towards it. The disk will move slightly faster than you can run, so just lead it a little and let it land on your hand, piece of cake.

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This reminds me of that original Star Trek episode where Kirk finds himself alone on the Enterprise. Only instead of trying to get things back to normal, he just says fuck it, I'm playing some C64 games until life support shuts down.

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@behardy said:

So this is what a post-vinny video/livestream looks like....

This is what having a majority of the equipment packed up for E3 looks like.

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More... PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I never got to see Jeff play Bruce Lee. *sniff*

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Oh my god yes, I played transformers when I was like maybe 9 years old at the house of one of my dads friends. I never knew what it was and every once and a while would try to figure out what crazy old transformers game I played and for some reason loved as a kid.. I never looked at c64 games though, also great to know the games actually crap :P

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Is it just me or was one of the Paradroid droids a dalek?

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@monkeystick said:

I never got to see Jeff play Bruce Lee. *sniff*

It's right here.

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Condom with Arms Bubble for the C64

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I could watch more of this.

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What a nice surprise :D as much as I like NES and old SEGA game stream seeing for C64 stuff is better since they are less documented :D could we see a ZXSpectrum Stream with Danny at some point? :D

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Thanks Jeff for squashing all my doubts ^_^

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The Giana Sisters soundtrack is amazing

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YES. Good move jeff, this is the real shit we need right now

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too good for the new games, tryin to be hipster. damn son

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Very educational Jeff! I now see why a lot of people really love this system. The C64 SF2 port must be the worst port of that game.

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I recognize all the Paradroid sound effects from many things on the homestar runner games page

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so lonely....

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23 seconds in and I'm already glad I'm watching this

Two seconds in and I'm already ecstatic that I'm watching this.

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Oh the nostalgia...

That Giana Sisters music!

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Hmmm.. I've ever only heard about IK+ (International Karate+). Was that karate game an earlier title or just a rename? I seem to remember IK+ having three players (white, red, blue). Played that MP sooo much. Best move is doing the straight up jump split kick taking out two opponents at once.

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Truly riveting, to say the least..

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The footsteps sound in Jumpman freak me out for some reason.

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Okay, finally we all can agree on the definite version of Street Fighter II.

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@hew7 said:

The footsteps sound in Jumpman freak me out for some reason.

C64 footstep sounds are the best. I learned this today.