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I want to believe! :P

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A questions video without a jar? How uncivilized!!!

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Throw up them X's son!

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Damn your lady is fast.

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Water in a coffee cup? Too hipster, Patrick!

There are ways to play 999 without any Nintendo hardware.(hint, hint) I did that before playing VLR on PSVita.

Thanks for turning me on to the Zero Escape series, Patrick. It's been amazing so far.

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Arguably, water is just really bland coffee, so I'm OK with the coffee talk name

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I love Patrick's new features! And just in time for morning coffee!

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glad you started to answer questions as well Patrick. one tips, you might want to get a bit farther away from the camera next time:)

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The fuck is a cup?

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That comment about Ebert is spot-on, Scoops.

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Muggy Springer Takes Your Questions.

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Water in a coffee cup? Too hipster, Patrick!

So I know you're not being serious here but still, I've always had mugs, when younger I'd have soft drinks from them but as an adult who never got into coffee I just drink water from them. It had never crossed my mind that this wasn't regular behaviour.

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"Mug Shot Talk with Evil Patrick"

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I sure hope there is a statistic that shows how quickly I stopped watching this.

...why did you even bother clicking on this? What did you expect!?

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Picross 3D is the dopest. Honestly the best experience I've had on a Nintendo platform since Boomblox.

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Dark Souls Endurance Run!

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yesssssssssssss So glad this is a ongoing thing. Keep it up, Patrick.

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Hoping to see a Vinny spin off where he drinks water out of a baby bottle.

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Patrick Klepek's wife: allergic to cameras.

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Katie is obviously The Flash.

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@thebluthcompany: To be fair considering how some people react to women being on camera on the forums, can't really blame her there. Also, I now need to get an X-Files mug.

Can't help but feel anyone who only plays games based on a number rather than the text wouldn't get much out of games like Papa.

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now that's an ugly mug.

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I don't know that I agree about the sentiment of people giving games the benefit of the doubt nowadays. If anything I usually see people condemn titles from a single screenshot or even from just a feature list. That Respawn studios game hasn't released any concrete information yet and people are already dismissing it as boring and trite just because they said it's an online shooter. If anything I think everyone has gotten extremely cynical about everything coming out and tend to nitpick on the smallest issues. Was the moon that big of an issue in Dead Space 3? No, it was just typical si-fi and they even go into it's genesis which made complete sense in the world of Dead Space. Likewise with Tomb Raiders supernatural twist. Seems like people have gotten extremely critical to the point where they're missing the forest for the trees.

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@wampa1 said:

@thebluthcompany: To be fair considering how some people react to women being on camera on the forums, can't really blame her there. Also, I now need to get an X-Files mug.

Yeh you would hope being a subscriber video you wouldnt get that but damn she was fast.

Good video Patrick. Endurance run of Dark souls you heard it here first!

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She was fast!

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@carryboy: Sad but true. Also I want that ER to happen now.

Klepek and Rorie vs the Gaping Dragon!

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All of the sounds you were mentioning were barely audible, Patrick.

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All of the sounds you were mentioning were barely audible, Patrick.

Good to know, thanks!

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That sound at 34:26 scared the shit out of me.

Awesome answers Patrick looking forward to more content from you.

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Oh, shit! Will jars v. mugs be the new pie v. cake?

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Love these "coffee talks" - hope to see more of 'em :)

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Tips for interviewing:

Ask open ended questions. No yes or nos!

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Keep drinking from that mug and call it "(Subject) Over Coffee"

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One Patrick, one cup. I AM SO SORRRRRYYYYY

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13:08 seeing a blur run by made me laugh more than it probably should've.

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Is Katie afraid of being on the internet? Isn't your proposal on YouTube?

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I love the mission...Patrick, truly you're a hipster! Enjoy the gentrification!

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Water in coffee mugs instead of jars? What is this Gamebomb.ru?

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Talking about Lost selling because of the people wanting to know about the relationships between the characters and not the mysteries.... while sipping water from an X-Files mug.

Great round of Q&A, looking forward to the next one.

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Narcoleptic Klepek

So, the video froze on this image while buffering & it was too good not to share.

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NeoGaf has a thread dedicated to chronicling the history of the #vidgames IRC over here mentioned in the first question. It's a great read if you have the time.