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wooo mailbag! haven't had one of these in a long time

Posted by Truitt

Who sent Vinny a non-black shirt?

Posted by Acheron

hooray! Love me some mailbags

Posted by Welding

The hell is in there...?

Posted by tachyon

Mailbag!!! yay

Posted by AndrewBeardsley

i love Vinny and Ryan.

Posted by BrokenMagnum

is that really asbestos?

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Woo! It's been a while since they've done one of these.

Posted by ThePickle

Awwwww yeaaaah

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Posted by Afroman269

Fucking With Will Edition.

Posted by _Horde

Webhallen representin'.

Posted by McMatt

Wednesday, bad international candy day.

Posted by csl316

What's with all the Game Informers? 

These guys are in cahoots!

Posted by Greebman

Roll Tony Brown Town
Check yourself
At the door
Gimme some more
Gimme some more
Of your Rolos

Posted by blacklab

Remember when they said, 'Don't send us anymore stuff'? I do.

Posted by codynewill

@BrokenMagnum: I would hope not.

Posted by Skrams

And you get a mailbag and you get a mailbag AND YOU GET A MAILBAG!

Posted by turbocake

Oh man I could go for some hockypulver and djungelvræl right now. Sissy americans.

Posted by Dustpan

This video destroyed me. I need candy immediately.

Posted by illmatic19

Member check.

Posted by KarateKid

Ah man, you guys have no taste in candy, djungelvrål is awesome, and so i hockey pulver! :D

Wills reaction was priceless though :D

Posted by phrosnite

Happy like a kid in a candy sore...

Posted by Solskugga

haha that bag. webhallen ftw

Posted by xtiara

Ahaha, Will Smith is priceless in this video!

Posted by okand

As people have already said. You're all crazy.

Hockeypulver is awesome.

Posted by Sjupp

Oh man, I could really go for some candy right now.. I'm seriously thinking of sending them just a huge load of Djungelvrål..

Posted by Olqavtoras

Webhallen, Ahlgrens bilar & Polly, some of the best things in Sweden! And Djungelvrål is awful, I have no idea why people keep buying them.

Posted by Jolt92

You ain't no man if you can't handle the taste of salmiak.

Posted by periahdark

Wooo! So glad to see a mailbag again. Hope to see some more of these!

Posted by Thor_Molecules

Whoa, I thought someone sent them a big bag of cement, or ashes.

Glad to hear it was just candy though, who doesn't love candy.

Posted by BenderUnit22

"Yeah, look at all that... sugar..."

Posted by atomic_dumpling
@BrokenMagnum said:

is that really asbestos?

Posted by President_Barackbar

I love Brad's sweet League of Legends mousepad.

Posted by Mordi

I find it weird that they have such a hate for Djungelvrål. Someone should send them some Tyrkisk Peber!

Posted by LLJK_Jasta

@xtiara said:

Ahaha, Will Smith is priceless in this video!

Yes. ^_^

Posted by B_Heart

More mailbag's!

Posted by Mikemcn

Great mail, too bad they all have cancer now.

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Alright. I'm glad to see the return of Hockey Powder. If you missed it, check out the bombcast before GDC 2009 (I think) and that's one of my favorite bombcasts of all time. Duders screaming like girls at the sheer horror of the powder: priceless.

Posted by Rox360

The joy I recieved from this video is almost indescribable. Nothing like some Swedish candy throwbacks! I'm so sad that we don't have Hockeypulver in my town. I have to take the bus to the city to even get that stuff... and the prices have gone up so much, it's barely even worth it...
Always up for some Polly and Djungelvrål, though. I'm a little disappointed that no one's sent them any sura Dragster yet! I love combining those and Djungelvrål for some extreme mouthburning hardcore candy sensations, Swedish style.
It's good for you!

Posted by craigbo180

New mailswag video? #BASED

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Man I love it so much when people send stuff from my country, good reactions all around

Nice too see that Drew enjoys himself some Bilar, love that candy

PS. Djungelvrål sucks

Posted by sagesebas

Perry is made of iron!

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Tricking people into eating bad Swedish candy should be a new feature.

Posted by cooljammer00

Wow, I can't believe Will fell for the old Djungelvral sugar trick.

Posted by Olivaw

Perry was so destroyed by the DJ Ungelvral that his tongue instantly shut down to prevent further damage!

Posted by mockenoff

"Dig Deep into Sweden."


Posted by leejunfan83

I have that same gameinformer on Ryans desk

Posted by Tamaster92

Yay! It's been too long mailbag, I've missed you

Posted by AndrewB

Secret Legend of Zelda Gameinformer cover.