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RIP michael. spray those kids with your magic dust!

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RIP Michael.

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i really want a copy of moonwalker now


I can't say this game is good or not. I can tell you that I loved it when I got it. Goddam dance fight.

RIP MJ. You will always be rememberd.
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Space Channel 5 SPOILERS!!!!

Space Michael skin is 96.85% play doh.
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Damnit, today was the day where his Death finally got to me.

Thanks, Giant Bomb :(

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What the hell!!!!!!

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RIP the king

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Ryan..The studio task at sega with moonwalker was  the same guys at sega's Overworks or what ever they are called now.

You can tell just by looking at it anyway that it is the shinobi/streets of rage team by the animations and such and the credits have most of the same names.

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Nice.  I heard that they might re-release this game.

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And I think the Arcade version was better that I why I bought a used one and because it has a large jackson graphic on the side.

Also it was 3 players, you would get more.  EBsides the genesis game is easy to find i got 4 copies  and I got 3 on accident. 

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why is this not a Quick Look?

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That was amazing... Thank you Giant Bomb

Here is some guy modded his L4D menu screen:


RIP Michael Jackson... Your Music and Games will live forever...
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A great tribute to the King of Pop. RIP MJ

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I want to personally thank Giant Bomb for being awesome and doing this.  Also, I'm a crazy Space Channel 5 fan.  I've played through those games DOZENS of times.  Space Michael!

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I love Moonwalker! RIP Michael

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oooooooooooooooh. I just remembered how great moonwalker is I kinda forgot about that game.

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Good stuff.

It'd be great if the Giant Bomb staff could do some investigatin' at Sega and see if MJ actually wrote any of the music for Sonic 3.  Finding out the absolute truth behind that would be really interesting.

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You can moonwalk in Super Metroid. Maybe it's actualy MJ under that suit.

I've never played any of these games actually. Moonwalker looked like an all right game but the last 3, not so much.

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Hell yeah! been waiting for this.

Aww...you didnt do the lean in Ready to Rumble.

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this where giantbomb excels
rip MJ

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L4D Thriller mod...don't teease me Jeff.

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That was great

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RIP I guess...

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Man I miss the dreamcast, even if you did play those on the ps2!

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That is awesome.
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This is amazing. Tonight, it's Beat It.

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i never knew it was a movie name after moonwalker

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LOL @ MJ's anti-air in Moonwalker.


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I used to have Moonwalker on Master System. I still have Space Channel 5 on my Dreamcast. However as dance-fighting games go no game has yet beaten Bust-A-Groove (which ties in because there was a MJ song in that game or at least MJ inspired mix)

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Man the perfect ending to this video would have beem the Giant Bomb crew playing Billie Jean in Guitar Hero!

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Hehe great!   RiP MJ

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I actually owned Moonwalker, it was definitely a strange game but we played it like crazy back then.

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this was great. thanks for posting this up guys. very entertaining.

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Probably just a nod, but Jeff take a look at the recent Valve interview on Eurogamer...  one of the screenshots tied to the article say:  "Infected will now bust moves between takes thanks to the new choreography director."

How awesome would that be?  L4D2 already looks to be more goofy than the first one, so why not take it all the way?

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@redeye1984 said:
" That was amazing... Thank you Giant Bomb

Here is some guy modded his L4D menu screen:

RIP Michael Jackson... Your Music and Games will live forever... "
Omg, Redeye1984. This is A-mazing. Downloading now, cheers. :D
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I've got a JAMMA board of the Moonwalker arcade game, which was totally different than the Genesis game and played like a perspective overhead gauntlet with not one but up to THREE Michaels playing together.  Moonwalking there is achieved simply by charging up your attack and then moving around.  Oh yeah, bubbles turns you into robo-michael multiple times through the game.

Sadly, that board died some 10 years before the real Michael so I can't join in and play it in memorial.

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Loving it.

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@Jimbo said:
" "
haha, i totally lol'd when i first saw this, definately a WTF moment in gaming history
also great game
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dude retrospect, awesome idea

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I appreciate Giant Bomb for doing this. I'm a huge MJ fan and I had no idea how awesome Space Channel 5 was! I knew about the sweetness that was Moonwalker, though. Anyway, this was definitely the right thing to do.

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there was also a stand up arcade game of Moonwalker.

understandable you don't have that, but i remember it being pretty neat at the time.

4 players? 4 micheals on the screen at the same time? cant remember.
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What a fitting tribute!

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Luckily Ready to Rumble 2 is not his last "appearance", he is in Plants vs Zombies too.