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Posted by Vinchenzo

What the fuck.

Posted by IrradiatedTurnip

I gotta say, Physicalos makes a hot librarian.
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Posted by Dogma

WTF just happened?

Posted by Pie

The first one was suitably nonsensical in regards to the question and game

Posted by choffy21

... What did I just see?

Posted by thefreed

I haven't seen the video yet but the comments are enough to make me lol.

Posted by piderman
@Vinchenzo said:
" What the fuck. "
I second that emotion.
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Where am I? Oo

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I feel like my mind has been raped.

Posted by Meltac

I liked 1. It was interesting.

Posted by MonkeyGekko

oh man..

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  Wow what a way to start the year.    

Posted by kagekage
@Pie said:
" The first one was suitably nonsensical in regards to the question and game "
If it even was a question...
Posted by Daryl

Brace yourself, this is gonna be a bumpy (and unfunny) ride. 

Posted by PhilESkyline

I should not have seen this...


Posted by FunExplosions

Brad. Lay off the coke. You will jump off less trains.

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Does anyone know the name of the song during the fight scene?

Posted by MutenMiller

Not entirely sure what just happened, not entirely sure I liked it, but I am certainly glad it exists.

Posted by MeierTheRed

Where is the unsee button?

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Those were the scariest fake boobs EVAR!

Posted by Scroll

So that's what happens..

Posted by stratzilla

My head is so full of fuck

Posted by MetalGearSunny

You people are crazy.

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Where is the actual haze filled qotw Brad is mentioning?
Never saw it...

Posted by DjCmeP

Well...that was.............something.

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Mega 64's was best:  

Posted by Jimbo7676

That was amazing in so many ways.

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Wait there was a question? Where's the video of that?
Posted by ThatFrood

That was phenomenal. I high five that first dude.

Posted by Brackynews

Watching one QOTW response a year is usually enough for me.  Sadly, this was it.

Posted by ShadowMountain

I think I've just been mentally raped...:'(

Posted by Babylonian

I want book.

Posted by nrain

lul wut o.O
Posted by empire_man

Where can I watch the last I love Mondays? I can't find it in the ''features'' menu.

Posted by scarace360

i think my mind just got raped.

Posted by Milkman

Fuck you people. Seriously. Fuck you people.

Posted by themartyr

Question: is there a reward for doing this?

Posted by Gruff182

 Gerbil fondling and Kelly Osbourne. Good effort.

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@Milkman said:
" Fuck you people. Seriously. Fuck you people. "
I stopped watching the vids myself, but came back specifically for Milkman's comment, and I wasn't disappointed.
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@piderman said:
" @Vinchenzo said:
" What the fuck. "
I second that emotion. "
I third that emotion.
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Posted by DanielJW

That's was mind boggling in a way I can't understand. Well done.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

"Trap door lightning" is a killer.