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Posted by Erik

Time to Drop that Beat yalh!

Posted by Adziboy


Posted by PillowFort

Is that canadian dracula?

Posted by damswedon

don't open the portal to the 0th Dimension Cthulhu lives there.

Edited by Blair

Canadian Dracula thrives in zero dimensions.

Edited by Death_Burnout

Why isnt it called 0G Beat Drop!?
Long time no see Canadian Dracula
The music is really making me feel Dreamcast for some reason.

Posted by nanikore

Finally another quick look!

Posted by lizardspike

Canadian Dracula returns!

Posted by MeatSim

If the custom music stuff was better this game would have a lot more potential.

Posted by Ventilaator


Edited by AllanIceman

Isn't Jeff always high? 
Also, Canadian Dracula is no longer Oscar Mike!

Edited by gbrading

CanadianDracula! That's a call back if there ever was one, from 1 vs. 100. I wondered if we would ever see him again. :P 
I personally don't see what was wrong with two-player Tetris on the SNES (it had that awesome music).
Posted by Vorbis

Why do they need to use avatars in a game like this? can't stand the things.

Posted by AlmostSwedish

0 Dimension, is that somewhere near the Meat Dimension?

Posted by JamesKond

Oh, those menu's are straight out of Every Extend Extra Extreme! =o
Also that BPM thing, wth is going on?

Edited by Tennmuerti

I LoLed hard at the intro :D

Posted by JohnRabbit

So is this game basically made from unused E4 assets or what? I understand JAMSWORKS basically published/managed E4, but I don't see Mizuguchi's name attached to this title anywhere. 
The demo for this game is lackluster at best.

Posted by dvdwalker8

The Return of CanadianDracula. Nice.

Posted by Edin899

im the best at streetfighter 4!
Posted by TobyD81

So, just what is this game's relationship to E4, because elements from that game are all over this one. Also, does Plastic Little realize they're named after a ridiculous anime movie about boobs?

Edited by SpaceInsomniac

Jeff: "I kinda wish they wouldn't have put avatars in it."
You can turn them off, thankfully.

Posted by Dalton

"Are you high? Is that why we're having this conversation?"

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

I think we have a new contender for worst use of avatars... ever.

Posted by mythus

this looks a lot like puyo pop fever without the charm.

Posted by rjayb89

All Ya'll Niggas Dead? =(

Posted by Mattalorian

CanadianDracula is still a threat.

Posted by spiceninja

CanadianDracula? From the 1 vs 100 Canadian beta? I thought he was gone forever!

Posted by dbz1995
@Edin8999 said:
" im the best at streetfighter 4! "
Why the fuck would you put this in a video that is completely irrelevant to SF4?
Anyway, SpecialBuddy is the best at Street Fighter 4.
Edited by DukeTogo
@TobyD81 said:

" So, just what is this game's relationship to E4, because elements from that game are all over this one. Also, does Plastic Little realize they're named after a ridiculous anime movie about boobs? "

I've seen several groups named after strange anime shit that's likely never been seen by them.  I think it's just part of the random wiki search technique for naming a group.  Plastic Little (the anime) is actually kind of cool, at least compared to the weak shit that passes for anime nowadays.
And I still think calling Oh Dee Beat drop would be better, especially if it had some Ol Dirty tracks.
Posted by zombie2011

This game seems pretty awesome.

Posted by Kohe321

Funny start

Posted by Milkman

I approve of any Quick Look with Plastic Little.

Posted by JJOR64

Looks ok.

Posted by Brendan

Jeff and Ryan's interpretation of stoner kids is hi-larious.
Posted by Edin899
Are you good at streetfighter? Because im the best at streetfighter 4 !
Posted by Sarumarine

"You think you're bad? You don't know how to drop the beats! Not like I do!" 
"Maybe you do." 
Ryan threw down hard this Quick Look. Beat-o-matic seemed like it would have been cool if it worked a little better.

Posted by SlackerMonkey

Why do the avatars look so bored in the background? They're just stretching and looking around.  You'd think that they'd bust out some moves during a big chain or something.

Posted by TzarStefan

This looks awful and boring

Posted by Vance_Helsing

It sounds like an OK idea, but man it's so unintuitive to add your own music & simply play the game.

Posted by mrsmiley

Wow... yeah the avatars look so bored and lame haha. Would have been cool if they were reacting and not just standing there. I don't understand how a playtester can see that and not make that suggestion.

Posted by TheArmageddon

What do you use to record your Xbox 360 gameplay? I really wanna know
Posted by Myomoto

Canadian Dracula needs to be in more quick looks.

Posted by DukesT3

you mean.. bust.. a - MOVE?! hey oh!  
no...? yea.. your right.. 

Posted by lasersanchez
"I keep shit stinks in my drawers so I can get fizzunkay for ya! "
ODB Drop has a severe lack of ODB
Posted by yates

Oh hey, I love Plastic Little!

Posted by Deusoma

Looks like this is one of those games that's hard to get your head around until you've actually played it yourself. Not really excellent Quick Look material.

Posted by TheHT

looks alright. the beat thing and messing up your opponent is cool.

Posted by CptBedlam

Maybe would've considered it for 400 msp. But 800 is too much for this.

Posted by NoK

lol fighting each others junk off, awesome line there Jeff

Posted by SuperJoe

Bow down to da Mackbook

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