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so, aes is the pc mega man

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its cool they are looking at these small indie games, but this one isnt that great

Posted by demontium
@chilipeppersman said:
" its cool they are looking at these small indie games, but this one isnt that great "
Yeah, them quicklooking obscure ones like this and Catherine helps a lot.
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@iWonder said:
   Yeah, the music is fucking awesome. Really refreshing to see so many people liking it, considering its done by one of my favorite groups. You can find their website here:    http://www.hyperduck.co.uk/?page_id=1093 
Prior to ARES, they're most known in the indie community for their work on Iji, a freeware shooter -   http://www.remar.se/daniel/iji.php (Should you decide to play Iji, GET THE HQ SOUNDTRACK, the lower quality one is compressed as hell) "
Cool, thanks!
Posted by Little_Socrates

WIsh I could give a damn about this game or this QL. I tried.

Posted by Ronald

My favorite turrets are from Portal. They're so polite when they kill you and so sad when you knock them over.

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yea...Capcom needs to make a new Megaman X game...they can even do it 16-bit, like they did Megaman 9 and 10 with 8-bit graphics.  Although X8 was really good but I know I'm in the minority with that opinion, it's probably the best Megaman game in my opinion.

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this was last years dream play build winner, it was an XNA game. sucks there is no 360 version yet

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That is some gnarly screen tearing.

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lol I love Ryan's penchant for anime faces.

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Music is brilliant in this game, too many new releases (or most game from thast 6 or 7 years) have put the soundtrack on the backburner it seems, It's a real shame.

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First level looks a lot like the opening level from X4. The best thing about this game, by far, was the music. Everything else looked alright.

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Slightly better than a Flash game.

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Robot on robot violence when will it end!? 

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This looks like a pretty boring game.