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Now this is something that makes me interested in a Wii...  original and new content.  Without Waggle! :D

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First there was Alien Vs. Predator.
Then there was Robocop Vs. Terminator.
After which came Marvel Vs. Capcom.
Then we saw Capcom Vs. SNK
Now... Bit. Trip Vs. Pixel Junk!
A grand tradition.
(Also: Captain Video is a character from a fictional children's television show in the -TV or Not TV- episode of the Honeymooners.)

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Seems to be a really cool game! If I had a Wii I'd be all over this. 

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This is now a insta-buy........ Once its release in Australia.

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@dbz1995 said:

" Ryan: Fuck me running "

lol'd at that also
and yeah, VERY addicting game.  probably spent 3 hours on it non-stop yesterday.
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10:03 I laughed so hard at Vinny's slide.

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it says ass hat in the credits! how awesome!

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Addic tive I've seen a trailer for this and it gets a mentalluva hard.

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The first 15 seconds are hilarious. Best game site ever.

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Heh, the high scores said "ASS HAT" sequentially.

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Me want.

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@Vod_Crack: Vinny is not just simply brilliant. He is excellence.
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My Want level is at critical levels.

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this game is so frustrating. 

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Jump and slide? this is way to complicated.

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@Meatsim said:
" Jump and slide? this is way to complicated. "
And that's just the first three levels. Wait till you see what else they make you do.
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The folks DO wanna see it!

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lad ass hat. kekekekekekekekekeke.
looks like an awesomelly frustrating time. awesome!

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I think I know what I'll be getting from this game after watching this video. And I am interested.

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I'm stuck on the first boss of this game.  Third wave is just poop.

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Nice to see another reference to "cunt".

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I spent over a year thinking, "Wow, that stairs part really doesn't look that tough. I don't know why they're having so much trouble with it."

Finally booted up Bit.Trip Runner for myself today, and got totally stuck at the same spot. The game is way too unforgiving for my taste, and the rhythm element isn't strong enough. It's just too frustrating having to go back to the beginning every time you screw up, so you don't really ever get any better at the part you were having trouble with. Now, Rhythm Tengoku, on the other hand, I loved to death because it was less about reacting to stuff visually and more about aural reaction. Bit.Trip Runner would be way better if it was more like that.

It'll probably be awhile before I play it again, too. Way too many awesome games to catch up with to spend my time banging my head against a wall trying to master a tiny part in a game I was super hyped for that hates me.