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Hello from the future, can't wait till this is uploaded

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same here, the harry potter one was hilarious

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I'm so jacked that they're doing a QL for this. It'll be nice to see some extended gameplay, since I'm kind of on the fence about this one.

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Ahhhhhhh. Blaz Blue confuses me to no end

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BlazBlue is my favorite game this year (so far). The variety of the characters is what really makes the game shine :D

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I am gonna be too excited after watching this because I can't have it. There were not enough copies of the game for Canada... wtf is up with that? :(

Maybe we will get some in a week.

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Okay Quick Look. Just go watch some videos of the better players to get a good idea of the more high level skill usage, combos and what not.

Nice to see GB did a QL of this, was wondering if they would for the weeks coming up to the release.
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this kinda sucked, seems like there may be some varied gameplay in this game, the fighting at the beginning looked cool, but the rest of the QL was kinda fail

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Teach ME, boobie lady.

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This game seems both ridiculous and awesome.

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This game is so ridiculous.

I'm loving the broken engrish, though.

It does also seem... not good.

Also, great Quick Look, boys.

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I would do a little more research than only looking at this QL before calling this game not good. Other sites are quite excited about this and the game is clocking 92 on Metacritic for the moment.

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i want this game bad (and KOF12) but im european, and aparently we are lesser people :(

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@murse2008: ...but I don't care what Metacritic says?

Did I really have to be more specific by saying "TO ME this game seems... not good"?

If it's appealing to you then go out and buy it.

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Jeff and Ryan are right, this game make no sense at all. That why I like it.

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@Blair:  I'm fine with you not liking it,

what I was trying to say is that this type of game is usually quite divisive and anyone looking at it should gather a range of opinions before deciding to buy it or not.
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The backgrounds look cool, and the characters seem original.  I also like that the powers are really varied, instead of all being cut from the same general move stock.  Looks like they were lazy with some of the clarity issues, though.

Not sure why they don't like the character design.  Some of the cutesy stuff jars a bit but it's a nice change of pace...

Story mode is lame, though :)

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This game is F'ed

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I'm so gonna import this game.

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Everyone on this site is going crazy for this game but I can't see much of a difference from other 2d fighters. I guess I'll have to check it out and find out.

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Jeff and Ryan hating on things they don't understand!

that's not like them at all!.........

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Wow, the bar of entry for this game seems astronomically high.

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Easily the best fighting game of this generation but a lot of people won't be able to get around the art and weirdness of the game, which is part of what I find appealing about it. Blazblue does two big things right that no other fighting game of the current-gen has been able to do; the first is to create a seemless online experience that almost perfectly represents offline play; the second is to create a selection of varied fighters, all of which play completely differently. The second is the most important as unlike with Street Fighter, you can't go into this game, learn one character, and expect to know how to play with 3,4, or 5 others. Each character plays completely differently and is why many people recommend you stick with one character for a long time before you move onto another.

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There is too many fucking meters.

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This game is really awesome. I've been playing with my brother quite a bit. Amazing art style and awesome flashy moves.  I'm not even really into most fighting games either...

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i really want this game

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I absolutely love this game, it's better than I thought it would be. I've always been a fan of the Guilty Gear series and this game, while in the same vein as those great titles is completely it's own animal. First of all it's very well balanced. Every fighter has their own strengths and weaknesses that play well in all match ups. Second, the action isn't as frantic as the GG games imo, but the fighting system still moves at a brisk pace and is very fluid. It's been an absolute joy to learn the basics of all the characters and I'm gonna be playing this a long time trying to master my favorites-*glances and Lichi*. Third, it's beutiful. The mix of 3D CGI backgrounds and the hand-drawn fighters looks great. I also love the over all art style. Comparing this to KOF XII, I'd have to give the nod to BB, it just looks gorgeous.
The limited on-line time that I've experienced has been positive. Very little lag and LOBBIES!!!! I also like the fact that you keep your 'Rebel' points that you've gained even if you loose a match.

The extra content on the LE discs is nice too. The two soundtrack discs offer up some really interesting, and at times rock'n tunes. But the thing I like the most is the strategy DVD. While I think it could have been done better it does serve it's purpose by giving new players to the series, (like me), a look at the ins and outs of the fighting system and how to exploit your opponents mistakes. The help on the MANY combo variations is a helpful bonus as well.

If you're into fighting games which I'm sure you are if your reading this board you should go out and BUY BLAZBLUE. If your still skeptical I strongly recommend a rental or borrow-steal-your friends copy. So far this is my favorite fighter on the 360 and I've bought most of them. Hope you all can get in on it and I can play you on-line.

BTW Jeff, how can you think the characters look bad? What have you been smoking?
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o_O crazy game

(No EU release yet, too bad)

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Teach me Boobie lady

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this game is amazing, but it really has a pretty high learning curve.  arcade stick is almost required to play this game.  

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...I knew more about this game before I watched the Quick Look.

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Ukh, I hate Japanese comedy so much. It is exactly as bad as any Nickelodean kid's show.

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don't make fun of this game, or you'll hear from sector seven !

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Teach me Boobie Lady!

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I think I know what he means when he says they look bad.
They kind of look like they were extras in a filler episode of some anime.

At any rate I'm curious and I kind of want to buy it. Maybe I'll rent it and see.
Crazy fighting games with friends is always a fun change of pace from the norm of shooters.
Posted by Zlatko
@Coltonio7:  The guys did this game absolutely no justice in this quick look. This was just sorry to say, but half assed to listen to. I have had the game since Tuesday and it is the best game I've bought this whole year.

The fighting is NOT complex. If you are THAT dumb that a game this simple confuses you, then A) look in the manual B) pop in the tutorial DVD. The game I suggest should be started on the story mode. Beat it with every character at least once, and you should get a great bearing on not only how to fight, but what the game is about.

The voice acting both english and japanese is top notch. The game is meant to be over the top by the way, and that's what they had set out to do, and accomplished it. The game revolves around 4 buttons to fight, and really for almost every character you will be juggling between only 2 to do combos. A, B, C, D on PS3 are Square, Triangle, Circle, and X respectively. It just makes a circle. As for what S button is to unlock Unlimited Ragna it was L1. If you pause the game it says Key Configuration... AKA what each button does and you can swap it to whatever you want.

The game has a Story mode that will clock 30hrs to get 100% in it for each character, an arcade mode that unlocks each characters Astral Finish 1 hit kill move, a Score attack mode that is hard to try to beat each character in a straight run by racking up points, local versus, training, and of course online versus.

The online is incredible. The game just lags rgiht at the start before the round starts to buffer it all up, and BAM lag free fighting. Ranked matches take away the easy button combos of the right stick so you have to manually input your super duper moves. There's a big leveling system with unlocks, and a flashy player card. Private matches still net you exp, but less, however it lets you have up to 6 people in a room with up to 4 spectators. You can record replays at the drop of a hat when the fight ends to save them, and can download others replays in meer seconds to see how good they are.

There's a big vast of colors to choose from for each character, and I want to say it is either 10 or 12 variations that not only change their color on screen, but tend to change their special moves colors, and their whole animated special moves on screen change color. It's impressive they did this much attention to detail.

No character is at a disadvantage if you get good with them, and while many fighters SAY that, this is the first that does it successfully. As long as you invest play time into the character you will learn what to avoid from others and how to counter it successfully.

The only obtuse thing about this game is that the story mode could've used more fully animated cut scenes, and less walls of text.

Oh, and what is Jeff talking about saying the characters look bad? In what way? Are you playing on your grandmas SDTV? This game is so colorful, vibrant, and detailed from backgrounds to characters, you'd have to have a secret vendetta against it to think otherwise.

Jeff its fine if Street Fighter is the only fighting series you feel comfortable with, but maybe leave the review to someone else, since we can see where your heart is on the manner. I smell a 3/5 coming from Giantbomb, and if you look around the net elsewhere, it's getting 9+/10 from all credible sources for videogame reviews.

Play this game for at least 20 hours then hopefully you will come to the conclusion you were exceedingly harsh on this game in your quick look.

/end rant

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I like Ryan all right, but he drives me crazy sometimes when he 'harps' on something. (i.e. the menu being 'crazy' here and having so much going on. We get it!) This game looks really trippy.  I'm sure it's pretty good, but I think I'd stink so much at this.

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Looks like an interesting lineup of characters, one thing I can't stand about fighters is when everyone plays the same. Tempted to pick it up even if I have no idea whats going on.

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@Zlatko said:
" Play this game for at least 20 hours then hopefully you will come to the conclusion you were exceedingly harsh on this game in your quick look./end rant "
LMAO the last sentence in your post, destroys everything that came before it. Fans of this game know that it is meant for them. You should be smart enough to know that some people will feel the way jeff does and there is nothing that needs to be done about it.
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@Zlatko: I think Jeff is the biggest fighting game enthusiast in the GB office.

Honestly, this wasn't a very good QL.
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That started getting interesting but that first story sequence was terrible. Maybe five still frames used over and over again while characters spout incomprehensible nonsense. After that though, game got appropriately goofy.

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@Sarumarine said:
" Wow, the bar of entry for this game seems astronomically high. "
Indeed. Teach me Boobie Lady.
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If it were as simple as you say then the tutorial would be on the disc rather a seperate DVD.

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This looks so f***ing nuts, that I think I have to buy it.