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In time for lunch! 
Agree with Jeff though, always impressed with smooth 2D games like these.

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Never really liked these games.

Edit: Damnit!

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Why isn't this on PC? Also I like me hotties with short hair.

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I was really interested to see how this one came out- it looks pretty okay.

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I hate this music so much its ridiculous.

I also hate that this game is covered in "heavy metal."

Also, I hate Bloodrayne, yet I'm watching the whole quick look. lol

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This looks like a good direction for a series that has kinda somewhat been mediocre.

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Impressive animation on some of this stuff.

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Fuck me, that´s one big ass moon!

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boobie silhouette 

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Looks great, may pick it up on psn. 
Also Ryan sucks so bad at sidescrollers. 

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Who punches the Crab Puncher indeed.

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Can't go wrong with some nice 2D animation.

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Who punches the crab puncher?

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Music sounds straight outta a Castlevania game. 

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I'm really digging that art. It's almost like a cross between Mike Mignola (Hellboy) and Capcom. First BloodRayne game that even remotely interested me so I'll pick it up.

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Note to other bombers: dont try to eat food while watching this quicklook. I instantly regretted it. 

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Wow a BloodRayne game that actually looks pretty good

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If Whiskey ever goes belly up, Jeff has a strong future in MK-style play-by-play. 

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As a long time BloodRayne fan, who's put himself through all 3 Uwe Boll movies out of some kind of mis-guided loyalty, I gottat say this game looks GREAT, so much better than I could of hoped for, and I cannot wait to get to play it =D

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I wish this game was more focussed on exploration than fighting/combo-stuff. Visually it looks good, but gameplaywise pit looks somewhat boring because of the linearity and fighting these enemies doesn't seem to be a lot of fun.

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I love this music, I love this animation, combat looks great. Instabuy.

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It looks about as fun as Shank.

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looks alright, this getting a review? or is it just a what you been playing segment?

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Damn this game looks gorgeous. Gameplay, on the other hand, looks like it could get a bit tedious.

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Looks surprisingly fun, the design is amazing.

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Looks pretty great. I'm surprised.

And Blood Rayne in the original games doesn't just fight Nazi's, but that is the majority. She's part of some clan or something (Its been a really long time since I have played it) that fights paranormal stuff although in the second one she's taking down a vampire clan or whatever. I don't know. The story never really was that good but I always loved the idea of a dampyre fighting Nazi's. It got less interesting from there.

This on the other hand looks really neat.

As a side note, the Ewe Boll movies don't really count as they have nothing to do with the games. It's a shame those are what have kept the franchise recognizable but at the same time the original game wasn't that well received if I recall.

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That boss fight looked intense. I might check this game out.

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@2:22 "Frog Sack Eruption" is a good band name.

Crab puncher was my nickname in high school.

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music is SICK

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Hmm. I'm getting a sort of Dishwasher by way of DeviantArt vibes.  
I'll take slick, faux-gothic anime art style  over the shitty Newgrounds "hardcore emo" look every time! 

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This looks great.

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Looks (and sounds) like Super Castlevania IV

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This years best looking game. Bastion is a close second only because this looks cleaner and I love clean looking 2D games. Also it looks like Castlevania. But like Jeff said, theres someting amazing about really smooth 2D sprites.

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That game looks siccck, mahn.

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I'm definitely downloading this next week!

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This looks really good. I also love me some smooth animation.

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Bloodrayne is not exactly one of those game franchises that I think ever needed a revival, considering its sole reason for existence was to move copies via the main character's stripperific outfit being plastered all over magazine covers and store shelves.

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Music, setting, mood, some of the enemies...getting a huge Castlevania vibe from this game.

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This is the first time I've found a Bloodrayne anything interesting. I hope this is successful and they make a Metroidvania next time.

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The fluidity of the animation and quality of the overall presentation are amazing. Very reminiscent of Symphony of the Night. The gameplay, on the other hand, looks extremely dull and generic, if you ask me.

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Huh. That actually looks kinda neat. I might actually get this at some point.

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Finding it really hard resisting changing my username to "Phat_Magnum".

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Jeff: when I am wearing a moustache they call me a fat magnum.


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I never thought much of BloodRayne as an IP but this game really surprised me. Gameplay looks sweet and I'm liking the animations as well..

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punch that crab puncher!

good art never gets old. playing an awesome 2D moving painting will always be worth doing.

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click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click. Looks awesome though.

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Looks alright, better than I thought it would, at least.

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Hooray for Castlevania gothic-guitar soundtrack.