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Looks like another good Call of Duty game

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edit: god damnit :(

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Nice and early QL

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Blops! Yay!

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call of beauty

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The time has come.

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@das9000 said:

Let me guess, more of the same?


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Man, late night upload. Who needs sleep anyways?

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I've nothing to add to what has already been said, so I'm just going to say that Chromium's lack of support for the h.264 codec is very sad. I'm going to have to continue using Chrome for GB for now...

EDIT: "Shotgun runners everywhere, nor any with proper skill." That's how the rhyme goes, yeah?

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This is one of those rare cases where people commenting before watching the video isn't that weird, because everyone already knows what this is anyway.

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tell me about the numbers

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yeahhhhhhhh probably not going to pick this one up right away

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Literally zero recoil on any gun.

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Multiplayer tnt confirmed!

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So you're telling me it's still a Call of Duty game?

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If it wasn't for Persona 4 Golden. I would have probably picked this up.

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I agree with Jeff, Nazi zombies is fucking garbage. Never understood why people like it so much.

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Just like what I do in the bathroom. DUTY BLOPS.

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Yup. I still am not ready to care about CoD again.

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Yep, CoD still sucks.

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Oh! Collusion!

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This looks pretty good. I think it might be the first CoD game that I pick up. I've been looking for a decent competitive shooter since TF2 got real stale.

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@Huey2k2 said:

Yup. I still am not ready to care about CoD again.

I skipped MW3 so I feel I can 'care' now since I actually preferred the first Black Ops

over the last two MWs

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2X Meh

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broken spawns reconfirmed!

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Shit just got real

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"You are leaving the combat zone"

Yep, big open areas.

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I have to say this is the best Cod yet...and fresh with some good ideas surprisingly!!

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where is the weapon recoil ? looks like cod

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Zombies? MEH!

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I'll be picking this one up eventually. I dig the zombie mode a lot. But Halo is still my mutliplayer game of choice. Not that there's anything wrong with CoD mp, I just dig the sci-fi setting more than the modern war setting.

All that said, this one looks like a lot of fun. I can see why people keep coming back for the mp year after year.


Jeff and Ryan QL's are the best QL's.

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@TheMasterDS said:

Oh! Collusion!

I have a feeling every single QL, QL EX, and video on this site will now have a comment dedicated to Oh! Collusion! at some point in the comments. I say win.

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Damn, that campaign looks really sharp.... I'm almost sad I didn't pre-order it on PC...

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38:01 - that face totally needs its own meme

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Not nearly enough CODBLOPS in this quicklook. Gotta BLOP all those CODS.

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This is a Call of Duty game. From early impressions seems like it's a pretty good one, as I'd expect from the guys behind the first Black Ops. But hey y'all, it's a Call of Duty game. If you don't want Call of Duty, you probably ain't gonna want this one either.

That said, the new class system does feel pretty different from the last few games, not a complete game-changer like Perks were but if you're into the game it's a welcome change, feels like you actually have to make sacrifices to get what you want in your class.

EDIT: Black Ops Zombies is super fucking deep - there's a bunch of crazy story stuff involving Nolan North in the first one but you have to perform increasingly elaborate sets of tasks and easter eggs to hear all that stuff, seems like that's even more so. In a way it's even more interesting than the campaign, if only because it's kinda played out as an action puzzle of sorts. It's cool to see but at the same time hopefully at least one of these maps is just straight up classic Zombies.

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I'm still not okay with the Oliver North thing...

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Innovation, bleeding edge graphics, in depth gameplay, realistic physics, a mature yet demanding community.

That's why this game sells 30 million copies.

I'm guessing GB give it 4 out of 5 stars... like they do with every other run of the mill shooter that happens to be popular.

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What I am hearing about the campaign makes it sound really exciting. Choices in my Call of Duty that are actually meaningful and affect the outcome? That sounds exciting. But then I think to myself, it's more Call of Duty and I can't decide if I really want that or not.

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Give me a hand with this mason.

No second read.

Give me a hand with this mason.

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Fun Fact: Jonas Savimbi's UNITA party sold illegal blood diamonds and used child solders to fight their 20+ year civil war.

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I'm not a fan of weapons gaining levels. This whole leveling in multiplayer thing needs to slow down because I think we'll eventually just realize it's just a Skinner box.

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I've always been the opposite of Jeff on the whole Zombies thing. I hated Spec Ops, it was hard in a way that was more frustrating than fun and was never felt interesting. It was like those co-op missions in Battlefield 3 I only did to unlock the guns for multiplayer, they're just lame. I much prefer Zombies because it has a fun personality to it and has weird shit going on in it.

This looks pretty fun. I hate the Modern Warfare series in general, but the first Black Ops really fun. The most I've enjoyed a CoD game since the original PC game. Probably get this at some point provided the PC port is decent. Also, Oliver North being a character is hilarious.

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huh. the "pick 10" system actually seems pretty awesome. kinda adds an extra level of depth to the multiplayer.