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Well it's about time we see a quick look of this game.

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Wow, an increase in Brad AND Dave Quick Looks.
I love GiantBomb around Christmas!

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Pretty late with a quick look. But hell if I care, quick looks are awesome. And this crew is probably great for this.

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I love these three person quick looks.

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This quick look is way overdue.
But man I'm excited to watch.

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WHOA! Cryostasis Quick Look!! I am sure Dave had a part in starting this.

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"That's why it's also kind of, uh, I don't know..."
Heard it here first: also kind of Russian.

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Awesome these guys have talked about this game so much but i never knew what it was.

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A few months too late...BUT good game.

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This game crashes on me for some reason. Even the patch has failed to fix my problem.

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This should be awesome.

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I love this game. I seem to like a lot of gamse by Russian developers.
Except for "Hard to be a God". That game was bad.

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Those wacky Eastern Europeans.

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I beat this game earlier this year. It was a whole lot of WTF and YAY rolled into one. The ending took me a while to process.

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Despite hearing this game metioned so many times I have never seen gameplay for it.  
This should be good :D

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Um, am I the only one that thinks the framerate is like super janky in this video? Everything seems to stutter, especially when the gun moves.  Is this a problem on my end, the video's en, or just the game cuz it's Russian?

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I don't think that's FPS lag dude, just the game being janky. The environments never seem to stutter as it would if that was FPS lag.

But crazy ass game dude, that roll mad my day. Oh my god XD

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Ryan plays too many games, he needs a holiday; it's very hard to impress him at the moment.

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@scarace360: Never a good idea to type that lol
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@Tru3_Blu3: In Soviet Russia you crash on Game!  There's the problem.
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It sucks that the system requirements are insane because I really want to play it. I know it will never happen but if I could choose one game to be ported to the 360, it would be this one.

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Such a bobo game.

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I've had this game since Dave spoke about it in the Summer but I didn't get too far but I enjoyed what I played. It really does feel like a cold environment to be in and the effects are great with the ice melting.

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I totally jumped during that one scene here Ryan predicted that a monster would be behind that door. 

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I wasn't sure about picking this up.    But after this quicklook I think I will.  
I'm a big fan of mind fuck movies and video games.  The environments looks pretty cool and for $30 it looks worth it.


This game looks super janky.  Wow, that gun movement looks horrible. 

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Praise the light bulb!

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Waiting for it to load.  I wonder if it will freeze up during the QL?

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It gave me a fuckin seizure when I played it first time. It's annoying how much of that flashing is in the game. Yes it sets a tone, but it's just so damn much.

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It looks corny but has some pretty cool elements to it

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I actually quite like it, 

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A Tommy gun? Pshh, fffppppt.... people not knowing what guns are being used, in games, with guns...

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Had been waiting for this QL ever since GB had their PC built. May have to pick this up and I can handle that not everything has to make sense. Also agree with Vinny and Dave, the frosty look of the game's very nice.

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Looks like it has it some charm, if you have the patience.

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You know, the plot can be easily understood from wikipedia alone.

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Rolling Zombies and time travel, i'm in.
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Huh. Will this QL crash on me?

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Don't mock the barrel roll. It works every time.

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Mr. Davis pretty accurately described my issues with this game. Doesn't look very good.

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Dave has such bizarre affection for this janky-ass game.
And God bless him for it!

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Can't play this game it makes me crap myself just watching. When Ryan said there would be a monster I didn't think it would be right behind that door because the game doesn't follow all the other cliches lol.

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Snide is awesome.

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I really like how it shows your ammo. More games should do that.

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Maybe somebody mentioned it before, but you can currently get this game from GamersGate.com for 10€/$. Go there for all your 1C needs. ;)
I played it a while ago. It's a really weird game. If it wasn't for the technical problems, I would honestly consider it GOTY discussion worthy. You have never played an FPS like this before.
Thank you, Dave and Vinny, for showing off this QL. More people should know about the brilliance/weirdness that is Cryostasis. How about NecroVision or The Void next. ;)

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@PlasmaBeam44:  I think either the older Medal of Honor or Call of Duty used to do it that way. I know one of them did; I just get the two mixed up in my memories of them.
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Yey I love this game

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in my best Slade, Noddy Holder impression...

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Wow the game looks odd.