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Posted by Kibblez


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@Kibblez said:
" Spore! "

I'm dark
Posted by gorydeath

not intrested :(
Posted by KarlPilkington
@gorydeath said:
" not intrested :( "
In correct spelling?
Posted by Gumby

Hearing Diablo made me interested! I need more loot!!!

Posted by Sayishere


Posted by brocool

more blood!

Posted by Robin_Gr

Played a bit of the beta. Its like Diablo + pokemon. The loot didn't really grab me though.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Seems neat-ish. I dunno. 

Posted by Ares42

Guess Ryan missed that your creatures doesn't actually level up. It's just a measure of strength based on gear.

Posted by kollay

Sup, Mr. Wright

Posted by jmic75

Played the beta and was bored to tears. I don't know what audience they're going for, the game is too easy for an older audience and there is blood when you kill enemies so its not for kids.

Posted by shadowwolf9

Actually, this looks pretty damn cool.

Posted by BeachThunder

Oh no :( I think I'm sold.

But I didn't really like Spore though ;__; I'm so conflicted.

Posted by Hockeymask27

Looks decent, but I'll stick with Diablo 2.

Posted by Laksa

was in the beta, it is EXTREMELY boring with uninteresting chars. stay away

Posted by Danteveli

Boring game. I don't think its worth time and money.

Posted by Maginnovision

I found the loot and equipping it almost more of a chore than something I want to do.  The creature creator just makes it so cumbersome.
Posted by Beb

This is looking more interesting than anticipated.

Posted by Daveyo520

This game seems really dumb. Also the fact that they didn't use all of the creating creature stuff to create a hero misses the entire point. Just equipping stuff is not good enough. You need to come in a create some freak and find out it sucks at killing things.

Posted by zungerman090

We still didn't see how DNA can be used. Shame... Oh well. Looks alright.

Posted by NickyDubz

video keeps stopping about 45 seconds in ...:(

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Posted by krabboss

The general opinion of those who played the beta is that it's a very boring game.

Because it is.
Posted by dragonzord
@krabboss said:
" The general opinion of those who played the beta is that it's a very boring game.

Because it is.
your opinion =/= the general opinion
Posted by Kesselrun

That minimap was my biggest concern in beta, too bad they didn't address it. Instead of the usual "large map with greyed out bits representing places you need to check out", all you can see is your immediate surroundings, most of which are on the screen. It's pretty much useless. Worse yet, it discourages exploration.

Still, the game does some really unique things, especially the powers that last after you switch to a squadmate. It's possible to lay down one ability, switch to another character, use another ability that combos with the first, then so on. Pretty cool.
Posted by Duffman

Just a quick correction.  Your heroes' levels are determined by the level of gear they have equipped.  So if you have all level 30 items equipped on one guy, that guy is level 30. 

Also, DNA is used to buy upgrades to your "ship," and weapons and upgrades for your heroes.

Just playing from the beta, I thought the game was alright.  Like a lot of people are saying, it can be kinda boring, and as long as you watch what you're doing it isn't that big of a challenge.  That said, there would be times when I started playing and found myself an hour later wondering where the time went.

Posted by Vexxan

This game looks very bad. Better than I thought but still not near decent enough for me to buy it.

Posted by Sharbok

These quicklooks have not been "quick" lately, oh well, the longer the better


Posted by krabboss
Well then it's fortunate I am basing the general opinion on... the general opinion! I don't see how me adding my own two cents somehow means I'm suggesting my opinion=general opinion, but whatever.
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Ryan's word of the week: DOPE! Through this and the bombcast I've been hearing him say that an awful lot. Or at least often enough for it to stand out.

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Looks interesting. My issue with Spore was fixed with the galactic adventure pack as the space stage should have been more than it was at launch. I really enjoyed Spore so will keep an eye on this.

Posted by NissanSkyline

Boooooring. Where is my torchlight

Posted by Enns

The box art for Darkspore is kind of misleading.

Posted by Osaladin
@Sharbok said:

These quicklooks have not been "quick" lately, oh well, the longer the better


I think "quick" is relative. I for one enjoy the longer ones.
Posted by MEATBALL

Let's do some flaying...or perhaps some Necrocutting.

Game looks kind of cool, although it doesn't seem to have much motivation to play beyond XP and loot.

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This looks like it gets boring fast. In general I find games like Diablo get repetitive and boring real quick even though I like loot.

Posted by PenguinDust

The ships voice reminds me of the woman who narrates the events in Unreal Tournament games. 

The game looks pretty interesting.  Much more so than the original Spore. 
Posted by LordCmdrStryker
" Let's do some flaying...or perhaps some Necrocutting.Game looks kind of cool, although it doesn't seem to have much motivation to play beyond XP and loot. "
It's a typical Electronic Arts/Activision game.  And now that Bioware is part of EA, that really hurts me.
Posted by Twinblade34

I did play it and i gotta say i had alot of fun at the start and it was pretty exciting but as people said.. it gets boring pretty quickly.

Posted by dvorak

I really like this game. I love the idea of using the spore parts as unique equipment.

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I don't know any better, so I thought it interesting for seeing it. Somehow I do not like the, hard to describe, the bright cartoon like world and creatures of this and Torchlight, though I intend to get over that. Point and click I've rarely done, also. Must get over that.


But this want-to-be- on- console persistence, I thought they were bitching moderately during the QL of Torchlight on XBLA, yet one of the guys here goes on about Darkspore being on consoles. Whats up with that? Torchlight works apparently on console, but it is not love at first sight...like it is for pc, and K and M


Strap it on!..still a fav.

Posted by Robopengy

Those warp spawners had the same mouth I put on pretty much all of my creatures in Spore. It was kind of jarring

Posted by Kiro_LeMark

Did anyone notice that when he made a pair of balls, the UI basically had a :) ?

Posted by Meowshi

This is bad.

The aesthetic is just boring.  Lazy space backgrounds, no story, and unrecognizable monsters.  What the fuck is the point?

The reason Torchlight and Diablo are awesome is because they have a great, traditional fantasy aesthetic.  This just looks like poop.  Doesn't even matter how it plays.  It's just uninteresting.  You can't have an RPG-style game without CHARACTERS.

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So this is a sci-fi diablo with a huge selection of cool heroes?

I do wish it was on consoles though, or at least OSX at launch.  Hopefully it'll have steamplay so I don't have to buy it again.
Posted by kortex

no, thanks. looks interesting but I don't like the purely cosmetic effects of the dude-designer.

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I got a couple guys on Steam that are going nuts for this game. They are constantly trying to get me to play it, but it just doesn't do anything for me.I played the beta and I found that the combat got very repetitive, and I really don't like the look of the game. Normally I don't mind cartoony stuff, but for some reason the Spore art design just never clicked with me

When Steam puts this on sale for $5-$10 this Christmas I will pick it up, but I'm not going to pay $50 for it.

Also, it made me sad the second they realized it was PC only they started bitching about how it should have been on consoles.
Posted by ICryCauseImEmo

Watching this makes me want to replay through Torchlight for the 10th time. I can't wait for Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3. Bring on the ARPG. On a side note, this game looks like it has some "interesting ideas" by using the spore creator. But after reading some reviews and even watching this quicklook, I kind of feel like it feel short.

Posted by ttocs

At the end of the level where you have to pick between either continuing or cashing out...it's not another wave you go up against, it's the next level in it's entirety.

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