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YES! Thought it would be up same time as ILM, was worried I would have to wait till tommorow

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Wow this looks exactly dead island 1.0... jeeez

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I can't wait to see how horrible this is.

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This made me happy.

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Thanks guys, you let me know everything I needed to know about this game in the first 20 seconds.

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Kinda wish this game would make the leap that Saint's Row did between 2 and The Third.

It's fringe crazy, but still seems to take itself relatively seriously which I think is to its detriment.

Super Powers v. Zombie Horde. I'm all in.

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Seems like a waste of everyone's time to not improve it all that much...

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$40 on PC? It's £35 here. :/

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Got it preloaded on Steam. It might suck but man I just loved dead island. Big fan of zombies and tropical islands reminding me of a Fulci film.

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What does 'stand alone expansion' describe if it isn't this?

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Glas-GOW Vinny? Glas-go! Okay winge over. This is expansion territory but for £25 or so it might be a nice loot-based distraction. Anyone else in the UK grabbing it on steam?

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Just goes to show, more of the same doesn't always cut it.

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@drewbert Youtube version is only 8 minutes long, think something went wrong.

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So I think what Brad wants to say is, that this is basically a bad expansion pack, right?

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So this is basically like a Dragon Age Origins: Awakening kinda deal, but almost full priced and sorta lame.

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@Gnubberen said:

@drewbert Youtube version is only 8 minutes long, think something went wrong.

Weirdly that isn't the first time this has happened to a YouTube version of their videos. Something must be iffy with their uploading-to-YT process.

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Finally a truck wars sequel

Edit: :( no trucks no sale

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No trucks huh?

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I'm going back to the quicklook of dead island 1, which seems way more interesting than any part of riptide.

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The first game was so bad that it was almost good. There were so many times when I was just laughing at the first game.

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I loved the first game. It wasn't "good". But it was a lot of fun with a group of friends. I didn't have nearly as much fun with strangers or alone. I just started watching this. I'll take more of the same with a couple enhancements. Fingers crossed.

*edit* Shit.

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At some point it says ver. 1.4.0
Does that mean it's had four patches already?

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i thought the sewers were the worst part of the 1st game & he jungle was the 2nd best part behind the resort

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Dead Island Riptide: No Ghost Trucks

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Far Cry 3 (at least on PS3) had the same sudden weather changes you mention here. Not exactly frame by frame switches, but I'd argue it was worse, since it had a brief second or so between removing the clear sky texture and loading the cloudy skybox where the entire sky was bright white. Not in a "oh, maybe it's supposed to look like thunder" kind of way either.

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Agreed with Brad, resort of first game was good but did wear on you after a while & this just looks more of the same that should have been a DLC expansion as not much new is here on a lot of this from the look of it.

How the pc community should mod this game (found online, not my idea btw)

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I loved the original Dead Island. I wish they would have had more Resort area. But I'm fine paying $50 for another 100h or so Dead Island (if I play it as much as the first one)

I can deal with it that is has no real improvements and its just more of the same, but then again isn't COD the exact same thing?

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No trucks? So this game has less than the original? lol

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I'm fine to never spend a penny on this franchise. Animation priority and all that jazz.

Hey what's Brad doing?

Where have you been? He's stomping the yard.

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Way to be a jerk Brad, making that dude wait.

As for me, I'm up for some more Dead Island.

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Say what you will about the first game's several technical problems, but for the 20-30 bucks I got it for, it was a solid game and I usually hate games with zombie apocalypses. This is just disappointing because I felt like if the first game got the proper improvements it needed, it would have been well worth the cash and to hear that they didn't even really try to improve it is upsetting

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Not like this..

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A samequel.

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@kmg90: Even the quick look opens with the same "break both of Thug's arms, then sever" gameplay. Nice homage. :)

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The Youtube version only like 8 minutes? Or is that just me?

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These are the names I have coined for such a game.

"Same game different name"

"The second disc that didn't exist"

"Part 2 of 1"

"The cake made from left overs"

"Pressed and redressed"

"The sequel prequel"

"The guy at the store told me this was new!"

and I'm out.

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Wow, this is aliased as hell.

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I love the way the YouTube shorter version ends on "There are no trucks." "Really?!"

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Henry Boyle likes to play with a stick.

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@drewbert Youtube version is only 8 minutes long, think something went wrong.

Noticed that. I thought we were witnessing the shortest Quick Look in GB history. The first actual Quick Look.

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As one of the many who love Vinny, this needs to be the new logo for Giant Bomb.

@pudge said:

This made me happy.

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These games are so fucking horrible. Although that one Dead Island TNT they did is easily one of my favorites ever.

But yeah, still, these games are atrocious.

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It's still crazy to me how they chose to present this franchise in that first trailer with how excessively videogame-y it actually is.

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Jeez, what is wrong with Brad's mic?