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So, they're deadly AND creatures? Must watch.

Confirmed: The staff of Giantbomb (Besides Ryan) are six year old girls.

Posted by Derios

Hey this is up.

Posted by LordAndrew

Oh, hey. This one's up. I guess I'll watch this while waiting for the Persona 4 video to compress.

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Oh god... arachnophobia kicking in.


edit: "I can also block" made it ridiculous enough for me to watch it to the end.

Posted by iamcool388

This is a great quick look. I love how excited Ryan is, and how absolutely disgusted (and maybe a little scared?) Jeff is... This is brilliant stuff!

You guys need to do a second quick look... this time with Jeff playing!
Posted by MattBodega

This game looks kinda cool!

Posted by Slique

I'm with Jeff on this one. This game is messed up.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to build a glass room.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

I can't stand anything with more than four legs.

Posted by Citizenking

Not fun to watch

Posted by wrecks

Jeff is in a Glass Case of Emotion!

Posted by darkjester74

Jeff sounds like he is ready to hurl any second now...LOL!

Posted by Wright

haha that was quite awesome. I don't like spiders myself, though I can look at the game just fine. unlike SOME people. (though jeff's reactions were great)

Posted by Media_Master

I have to get this!

Posted by fraser

*pince pince pince* aaaaaaaaah

Posted by Razzuel

Great quick look; I am glad Ryan is digging the game.

That is awesome that it makes the rest of the staff squeamish besides Ryan.

Posted by MeatSim

I'm freaked out by spiders too, but not so much these virtual spiders, I did not have a problem watching this like Jeff did.

Posted by Subject2Change

Looks like a unique and interesting action game. If I had a Wii i'd probably pick it up.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

Jeff's spider problems go beyond a simple phobia.

Jeff is a man with some spider issues.

Posted by Sarumarine

Wow. This actually looks like a pretty badass game. I know you're early on, but it would be cool if you took your arachnid antics to buildings or a car or something cool. Hopefully a stage where you dodge blenders and ovens.

Plus, it has Dennis Hopper. Now, I just wish I had a Wii.

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Well crap, now we HAVE to see more of it just to see Jeff whine like a four year old little girl.

Posted by Crono

Sweet quick look.  I'll never play this but I would def watch Jeff and Ryan play it; hilarious.

Posted by chacho89

LOL Im just like Jeff i hate spiders, the game looks fun, well cass said it was fun so now with ryan liking it i guess i must think about getting it. lol Giantbomb crew a bunch of sissies girls

Posted by VilhelmNielsen

Why did I watch this? I am possibly more freaked out than anyone of you guys were. I'm constantly looking over my shoulder, and we don't even have that big and hairy kind of spiders here.

Posted by chacho89

@meatslim: is that you are watching it over a computer monitor, they are probably playing the in TV thats bigger than your screen.

Posted by PureRok

Yes! This is why this game is on my wishlist. I want to kill things as a spider so bad.

Posted by Joseppie

Watching video barefoot...NOT RECOMMENDED

Posted by BloodStaindWings

hahaha poor jeff but man pmfsl XD

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on Feb. 25, 2009
This is a great quick look. I love how excited Ryan is, and how absolutely disgusted (and maybe a little scared?) Jeff is... This is brilliant stuff!

You guys need to do a second quick look... this time with Jeff playing!

in a spider and scorpion proff glass case

now Im going to buy a wii
Posted by Hairydutchman

The game looks suprisingly good. I will buy it some day (but first Killzone and MadWorld).


I can't stand spiders/insects, but that game actually looks pretty rad.

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The only thing that could have made this better would be a camera on Jeff watching the gameplay like the Mega Man X video.

Posted by super_mega_guy

Sniff sniff... I-I-I don't like this game.

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

this game looks horrible and boring...imo

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The MK side jokes are awesome. I also don't like the way spiders move, but im fine with scorpions.

Jeffs reactions are great.

Posted by CornishRocker

Jeff, I love your reaction to the Lizard boss, classic. "Run away from that thing! No don't fight him!"

Posted by Kohe321

Great quick look. I don't like spiders or scorpions to the point where I want to play a game as one, though.

Posted by Kraznor

Neat premise for a game. Great video, Jeff's terror was readily apparent.

Posted by FlappyHands

Haha I love the look of this game! I really do. I would play it if I had a Wii.

Posted by Kiemoe

We need a Deadly Creatures Endurance Run featuring Jeff.

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Posted by ElectricHaggis

The game doesn't actually look that bad.

Posted by spiceninja

I'm right there with ya Jeff. I hate spiders too.

Posted by LifeByDegrees

This game looks amazing and I want to play it- but only if I get to play it with Jeff.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

this game looks rediculous. spiders and scorpions can't do those combos...and it's really bugging me.

Posted by Travis

Spiders freak me out so bad..

Posted by Mandaray

It's OK, Jeff. I feel the same way whenever I play Left 4 Dead.

That said, this actually does look pretty fun. Too bad I don't have a Wii.

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Good, this means we'll get a full review.

This quick look was actually kind of boring.  The best part was imagining Jeff squirming in his seat.

Personally, I find most spiders to be okay.  I don't want any crawling on me, but black widows (which I saw a lot of when I lived in Idaho) and the black & yellow garden ones look cool, and those fuzzy little black jumping ones with the green eyes are awesome.  Can not stand the basic wolf spiders though.  Those're the ones always creaping around inside the house too.

Yes! Like the Dave cam in the Dragon Age video!

I thought that too when I first saw it, but I'm willing to overlook that.
Posted by foofboy

Next time you play this, can we have Picture-in-picture camera on Jeff, that would add a certain...je ne se qua.

Posted by dark_maggot

What a bunch of babies.

That game looks pretty nice.

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i had an idea for a game like this b4 but i thought it will never work.....deadly creature really look like a kick-ass game.

P.S. Jeff and Ryan were too funny