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60 bucks?

in my country its like 40 bucks for DNF

still a fucking terrible game i agree 100% with jeff

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Saw a friend playing this by the way. Does not look good...

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Since the dawn of time, over at Gamespot i've been manning this picture. I can finally put it to rest.

holy shit

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I refuse to believe.
Also, Jeff sounds sick.

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been waiting for this

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i'm going to look quickly

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im here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and im all out of bubble gum

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Is Jeff sick?

I think its that E3 Fever =( Poor Jeffrey

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More like Duke Nukem Never, am I right?

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Game is....lookin' bad. 14 years well spent.

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Its... real

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sick post e3 jeff

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Short answer: probably not.

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I'm happy this thing got made, but it's a shit game.

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Jeff is sick, huh? Man, E3 must be a complete cesspool of germs.

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Huh, thought the happy hour quick look said it all, but I guess the retail version deserves a look. Should be good for a few laughs.

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Whoa, Jeff sounds sick. Not in a good way.
Edit: Oh man, I called 2 stars on i'm calling it, figuring the game wouldn't be very good. This quick look is making me think it won't even get that.

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The Quicklook no one thought would happen. Wow.

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ugh, why wont you let me sleep Giantbomb?!?!?

over 6 hours of podcasts and now this?

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lol "quit game"

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This day is finally here. I'm ready.

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Ugh, I was really looking forward to going to bed. I guess I'm staying up a while longer.

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Jeff's voice is busted.

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Jesus. This should never have been released

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looks rough, a product of it's time...

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35 secs load times.

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My PC load times are under 10 seconds.

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Pretty late post, I say this gets between 2-3 stars

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Jeff seems rather sick. Some sort of e3 flu?

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Load times are way fucking better on PC. Too bad that the load times are the least of this game's problems. I'm having a hard time going through this game even though I know it's shit.

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Loving it so far (playing it since Friday)
Even though it's far from perfect, 15 years in the making or not.

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That silent ragequit made me smile.

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2 stars

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oh my...

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Duke: Quik look is for PUSSIES!
GiantBomb: Er...uhhhmm...okay duke, would you like to watch a video review instead?!

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Jeff's got that E3 flu.

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Not going to lie, having a hard time watching this

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Xbox 360 is unbelievably broken - even compared to the PS3 release which maintains a solid 30FPS.


Playing the PC version right now - it's technically solid. Maxed out at 1920x1080 on a pretty medium spec'd rig and it doesn't look as awful as the console versions even if it hardly plays better. Still looks dated but the load times are never longer than 20 seconds and it's playable.

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what the eff is this mess?

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Oh well, if the first impression you were having with this game was on a console with those loading times.. the review for that platform would already be messed up and even if you play the PC version afterwards you probably wouldn't be able to enjoy it. Bad job porting the game on Gearboxes side.

It's not a great game, but it's not thaaat bad either.. I really enjoyed it a lot more than I expected after the demo. :)

Edit: This game is DUMB and it want's to be that way, if you can't handle that.. don't play it.

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^__^ Yay, finally a quick look.
This is the best game ever (which includes both the words Duke and Forever)

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Man, Jeff sound's quite sick.

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Man, listening to Jeff be totally down on a game in his sick voice is really disheartening for some reason. I just want to tell him it's ok, he can stop playing and go lie down. I was hoping this would be a funny Quick Look, but now I'm just bummed out. :(

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Oh jesus lol when I first heard Jeff, I thought it was Brad at first, poor Jeff with that cold, hope he gets well soon!

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I say they brought this on themselves. Remember when they had John St. John on the Happy Hour and were giggling at his one liners?

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god.. Jeff is horrible! I didnt had any of problems with elevator or in the hive. How did he finished it?!

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This Quick Look just made me sad. This game looks bad. Was super uncomfortable during the girls crying part.